JR Blog: WWE Survivor Series 2014 Predictions, Brock Lesnar/UFC

Jim Ross had some thoughts on the Survivor Series and more, here are some highlights:

on Survivor Series 2014 match predictions
If forced to make a prediction, I’d go with Team Cena winning the Survivor Series main event Sunday in St. Louis which provides WWE the opportunity to truly set the reset button and create some new scenarios that are due with the build to WM31 beginning to commence. If so, Im curious to see how HHH and Steph are repositioned as WWE needs star power and they provide that more than many of the talents.

Seems like Bray Wyatt could win the Wyatt-Ambrose match to keep the hero on the chase or perhaps WWE is going to cut this storyline short, move on and have Ambrose win and revisit Ambrose vs. Wyatt later and closer to WM 31.

on Sting
My Twitter timeline lit up Friday night with the conveniently, timed info/rumor that Sting would make a ‘surprise’ appearance at Sunday’s WWE Survivor Series. I have no idea it that’s true or not and I’d have preferred if the info, true or not, would not have leaked out. I’m not a major fan of the “Jardine’s” aka spoilers. I’m a Sting fan from back in the day and believe that if his first and perhaps only match in WWE is at WrestleMania 31. The man has earned a WrestleMania Moment without question.

on Brock Lesnar/UFC
My thoughts on the possibility of Brock Lesnar returning to the UFC have seemingly resonated among some. Lesnar is a true jock….not an entertainer….and in the UFC he can be involved in a main steam sport of which he covets while still making big money for working few times a year. I think the amazingly gifted athlete longs for the competition and to see what’s left in the tank after his battles with diverticulitis. Perhaps with the additional TV dates that Lesnar has agreed to is for him to lose the WWE Title on Monday Night RAW where the most fans would see it. Who knows?

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