WWE Survivor Series 2014: Two Major Names Likely For Surprise Appearances (Spoilers)

As WWE is preparing a huge Survivor Series 2014 for WWE Network’s “free month”, there are two huge names that could be on the show.

The first is Randy Orton, who is a native of St Louis, which is where the PPV is being held. Orton has been off TV for a few weeks shooting a movie “The Condemned 2”, but has been seen this weekend in St. Louis. Orton took a 9 AM flight out of Albuqerque, where he is filming a WWE movie, to DFW Airport, connecting to St. Louis. While him being in town does certainly point to a PPV appearance, it’s not a guarantee, and he could just be taking the weekend to visit family.

The other major name being mentioned is in fact Sting. WWE has been waiting for the right time to make a Sting announcement, and the free WWE network promotion could be the time they choose to pull the trigger.

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