WWE Survivor Series LIVE Results

Hey everyone, Justin C here to bring you live coverage of WWE Survivor Series tonight. There may only be five matches on the card, but it sounds like we are in store for some pretty big surprises tonight. Follow along with me!

I’m a little late to the preshow, but apparently Fandango with Rosa Mendes beat Justin Gabriel. The New Fandango is apparently just a salsa dancer instead of a ballroom dancer. So there’s that.

Bad News Barrett came out. He talked about the stipulations and said that while John Cena not being fired if he loses may be good for him, he’s got some BAD NEWS. He said the Authority will make his life a living hell if he loses and he would wish that he was fire. Barrett then said that if The Authority loses, the WWE would flourish under the new era of Bad News Barrett.

Jack Swagger vs Cesaro

Cesaro came out, he talked about how he is a proud Swiss son. He said throughout history Switzerland has remained neutral. But tonight, he sides with Team Authority. Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger came out. He said they sided with Team Cena and that Cesaro was brown nosing.

Some basic mat wrestling to start before Cesaro caught Swagger with a knee then a gut wrench slam for two. Swagger caught Cesaro with the Patriot Lock but Cesaro was able to escape. Cesaro moved out of the way of a charge and Swagger went into the post. Cesaro then hit a German suplex. Cesaro connected on another German then a belly-to-belly for two. Cesaro connected on an elbow drop for two then went to a headlock. Swagger escaped. Cesaro went for another belly-to-belly but Swagger counted to a German suplex of his own. Swagger hit a chop block then went for a Swagger Bomb. Cesaro put his feet up but Swagger applied the Patriot Lock. Cesaro escaped, then hit two German suplexes. He went for a third, but Swagger countered into the Patriot Lock. Cesaro tapped.

WINNER: Jack Swagger

JC’s Thoughts: Ho hum match. It really seems like Cesaro is just going through the motions at this point. I don’t like Swagger appearing on the show but being too injured to wrestle on Team Cena in the main event.

Vince McMahon was shown entering the building as the pre-show ended.

Vince came out to start the show. He guaran-damn-teed that this would be a Survivor Series no one would forget. He then welcomed out Triple H and Stephanie. Stephanie thanked her dad for giving them such a wonderful opportunity tonight and said she knows they will make him proud tonight. Triple H tried sucking up a bit but Vince then called out John Cena. Cena asked The Authority if they lose tonight if they will leave on their own or will he have to throw them out. HHH then asked how is it going to feel to know that he is personally responsible for the firing of four people. He said when they are fired, they are going to get ignored and be completely forgotten about. Steph said that if they lose they may not be in charge of RAW and Smackdown every week, but they will still be in charge of the show from their office in Connecticut. Vince said that isn’t exactly what he had in mind. Vince said they won’t have any influence over the careers of WWE superstars and that the only person that could ever bring them back into power. Steph then sucked up to her dad thinking it would be him, but Vince said the only person who could bring them back to power is John Cena. Vince said that is how much confidence he had in them. Steph said that will just give them even more thrill when they beat them tonight. Cena said there would be no chance in hell they will be back in power when his team wins tonight.

JC’s Thoughts: So you start off a free show and make it seem like it is nothing more than a RAW? Weak. And the fact that they are still just revealing details of the stipulations of the match on the day of the show just makes it seem like more of a mess of booking. Did HHH and Steph not read the contract before they signed it?

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Goldust and Stardust (c) vs Miz and Mizdow vs The Usos vs Los Matadores

Stardust and Fernando started. Stardust hit a kick but Fernando took him down with a leg sweep. Stardust hit an armdrag. Miz tagged himself in and went for a rollup but got two. Fernando took control and tagged in Diego as Mizdow sold as well on the outside. Miz went to the top but Diego tossed him off. Mizdow also jumped in the ring. The distraction allowed Miz to hit a backbreaker but Diego threw Miz into the Usos corner and one of them came in. Jey and Diego exchanged chest slaps. Stardust tagged himself in and pulled the rope down on Jey, causing him to go over the top.

Stardust slammed Jey’s head into the apron then tagged in Goldust. Goldust landed some punches in the corner then tagged Stardust back in. Stardust hit a face first suplex and teased tagging in Mizdow but didn’t. Miz tagged himself in. Jey escaped Miz and tagged in Diego. He hit a backstabber. Goldust clotheslined Diego and Miz hit the corner clothesline. Mizdow went for one of his own but Goldust tagged himself in. Goldust pushed Diego into his corner then tagged in Stardust. Goldust came in and tossed Diego to the outside and kicked him around. Goldust hit an elbow off the second rope. Stardust came back in and hit a clothesline and went for a running powerslam, but it was countered into a DDT. Goldust got the tag as well as Jimmy Uso. Jimmy knocked Miz off the apron and hit a Samoan drop. Jimmy hit his butt splash and Jey hit another. They super kicked everyone in the match. One Matador pulled Jimmy out of the ring. This allowed Goldust to hit a quick powerslam for two.

Jey recovered and hit an enziguri kick. Both Usos then hit dueling dives. Stardust then hit a springboard off the second rope. El Torrito was tossed to the outside and both Matadores hit dives. Back in the ring Los Matadores and the Dust Brothers hit one of those tower moves. Jey came back in and hit a splash, but Miz tagged himself in while Jimmy was on the apron. Miz tossed Jimmy to the outside. Mizdow tagged himself in and got the pin.

WINNERS AND NEW Tag Team Champions: Miz and Mizdow

JC’s Take: Okay match. Somewhat slow throughout before the big cluster of a finish at the end that just came out of nowhere. Miz celebrated with both belts so it will just be a matter of time before the breakup. Fun finishing sequence at the end but the match was kind of disappointing for the most part.

Backstage The Bunny and Adam Rose were playing with WWE action figures. The Bunny won. Titus O’Neil and Heath Slater came in. They made fun of them. It lead to a tag match later.

Survivor Series Elimination Match: Paige, Cameron, Summer Rae and Layla vs Natalya, Naomi, Emma and Alicia Fox

Paige dominated Natalya before Layla missed an elbow and she tagged in Emma. Emma and Layla exchanged near falls. Paige came back in and landed some knees to Emma. Paige took Emma to the top but Emma is the one who hit a suplex. Cameron came in and dominated Emma. Emma escaped an armbar and tagged in Namoi. All of the Divas ended up fighting in the ring. Naomi rolled up Cameron and eliminated her.

***Cameron eliminated***

Naomi caught Summer Rae with a kick. Natalya tagged in but Summer Rae knocked her off the apron. Alicia Fox tagged in and hit some dropkicks. Alicia screamed at Summer Rae. This apparently scared her enough to tag in Layla. Layla hit a crossbody but Alicia countered and hit a backbreaker to eliminate Layla.

***Layla eliminated***

Natalya tagged in and hit a clothesline but Paige caught Natalya with a kick and tagged in. Summer Rae stopped a Sharpshooter attempt and tagged in. Emma also came in and applied the Dilemma. She hit the Emmamite Sandwich then made Summer Rae tap out.

***Summer Rae eliminated***

After Paige dominated Emma for a bit, Emma was able to block a kick and tag in Natalya. Paige caught Natalya with a kick, but Paige came right back with a German suplex. Natalya escaped and tagged in Naomi. Alicia distracted Paige. Namoi hit the rear view and then a head scissors slam to the mat for the win.

WINNERS and SURVIVORS: Natalya, Alicia Fox, Emma and Naomi

JC’s Thoughts: Nothing to write home about. Next

Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt

The match started with both men exchanging punches. Bray caught Ambrose with a shot to the throat. Ambrose came back with more punches and kicks but Bray connected on another right hand. Ambrose came back with a crossbody. They went to the outside where Ambrose clotheslined Bray. Ambrose hit a punch off the apron. Back in the ring Bray tossed himself into Ambrose. Bray went for a clothesline but Ambrose followed him into the corner and hit one of his own. Ambrose went for a dive through the ropes but Bray caught him with a right hand then tossed him into the steps.

Back in the ring Bray hit a suplex followed by a backsplash. Ambrose escaped a full nelson and went for a crossbody but Bray stopped his momentum. Bray charged at Ambrose on the outside but they double clotheslined each other. Ambrose started a comeback back in the ring and hit a bulldog. Ambrose hit a knee to the gut then dropkicked Bray in the ropes and followed it up with a legdrop. Ambrose went to the top but Bray caught him with an uppercut. Ambrose blocked the suplex attempt and headbutted Bray off. Bray caught Ambrose off the top and after an exchange hit Ambrose with his chokeslam. Bray went to the top but Ambrose moved out of the way of his backdrop. Dean bounced off the ropes and hit his clothesline and then an elbow off the top for two. Ambrose went off the ropes again but Bray caught him with a hard clothesline. Bray slammed Ambrose on the steps on the outside but only got a two back in the ring.

Bray grabbed the mic and asked Dean why he was doing this. He said they could have ruled the world together and no one could have stopped them. He said Dean chose the wrong path then caught him with an uppercut. Bray brought a chair in the ring but Dean took it and Bray begged him to use it. After some thought, Dean used the chair and hit Bray in the gut then the back. He then hit Dirty Deeds on the chair. Ambrose the brought a table into the ring and elbow dropped Bray through it. Dean brought another table in and put it on Bray and slammed a chair into it. Dean then threw a handful of chairs onto Bray. Dean then set a ladder up and stood on it to end everything.

WINNER via DQ: Bray Wyatt

JC’s Take: The match was good and then the ending happened. I get that Dean is a lunatic and does whatever he wants, and doesn’t care about wins or losses, but the end just seemed a bit anti-climactic to me. I knew this feud was extending, and they obviously foreshadowed what will be happening with the next PPV. Good match but the ending was a bit of a letdown, at least for me.

Backstage, Triple H gave a pep talk to Team Authority.

Adam Rose and The Bunny vs Slator Gator

The Bunny was ready to start the match but Adam Rose tagged himself in. Slator took out Rose with a dropkick. O’Neil came in and hit some backbreakers. Rose escaped and The Bunny got the hot tag. He hit a dropkick off the second rope and pinned Slater to pick up the win.

WINNERS: Adam Rose and The Bunny

Roman Reigns was interviewed. He said if he was there he would make it reign bitch. JBL asked him about Seth Rollins. He said it doesn’t matter who is in power to him. He said around this time next month, Roman Reigns will be back.

Now it was time for John Cena to give his pep talk to his team.

Divas Championship: AJ (c) vs Nikki Bella (w/Brie)

Brie stood on the apron with the Divas Title. AJ walked over to Brie and Brie kissed her. AJ turned around and walked right into Nikki’s punch. Nikki then hit the Rack Attack for the win.

WINNER and NEW Divas Champion: Nikki Bella

JC’s Take: Well, time to see if those rumors about AJ leaving are actually true.

Team Cena vs Team Authority

Big Show and Mark Henry started the match. Henry talked smack to Show then charged at him, but ran right into a KO Punch.

***Mark Henry Eliminated***

Luke Harper came off the apron to distract Big Show, but Rollins came in. Rollins went to the top but ate a slap to the chest. Kane tagged in but Big Show laid on some punches. Cena came in and did the same. Cena hit a dropkick but Kane came back with a right hand. Luke Harper and Erik Rowan each tagged in. They stared each other down but Rollins tagged himself in. Rowan put Rollins in a headlock and rammed him into the turnbuckle. Rowan hit a bodyslam and tagged in Ryback. Ryback slammed Rollins into the corner. Harper tagged himself in but ate a suplex. Kane came in and landed some rights but Ryback connected on a Lou Thesz press and splash. Rusev tagged in and both men exchanged punches. Ryback hit a spinebuster. He hit the Meathook clothesline and went for Shell Shocked but Rusev escaped and Ryback ate a boot from Kane. Everyone started brawling outside. Ryback ate a Curb Stomp from Rollins then a superkick from Rusev and was pinned.

***Ryback Eliminated***

Rusev ran right into a Big Show boot. He went for a chokeslam but Rusev tagged in Harper. Show slammed Harper into the corner a few times but ate a Harper dropkick. The heels took their turns working over Big Show before he tagged in Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler went to work on Harper but Harper came back with a black hole slam. Now it was the heels turn to work over Ziggler. After every heel had their chance to beat down Ziggler, he finally hit a DDT on Rusev. Everyone hit a signature spot. Rollins was tossed over the top on to the Authority. Rusev then caught Ziggler and tossed him onto everyone outside. Rusev started taking apart the Spanish announce table and went to splash Ziggler through it, but Ziggler moved. Mercury and Noble tried picking up Rusev and putting him back in the ring but they couldn’t. Rusev was counted out.

***Rusev Eliminated***

Kane went for a chokeslam but Ziggler escaped and tagged in Cena who went into CENAMODE. Cena hit the AA but Rollins came in and hit the Curb Stomp on Cena. Harper and Rowan were each tagged in and they went to blows. Rowan tossed Harper into the corner and hit a splash. Rowan ducked the Harper clothesline and hit a spin kick. Kane went for a chokeslam. Rollins came off the top and hit a flying knee and Harper hit the clothesline to score the pin.

***Erik Rowan Eliminated***

All the heels stared down Big Show, who turned and hit the KO Punch on John Cena. Cena was pinned and eliminated.

***JOHN CENA Eliminated***

Big Show walked off and was counted out.

***Big Show Eliminated***

Dolph Ziggler was on the outside and could barely get up. Kane tossed him into the barricade. Back in the ring the heels took their turns working over Ziggler again. Kane went for a suplex off the top but Ziggler knocked him off and hit a crossbody. A superkick and ZigZag and Ziggler gets the pin.

***Kane Eliminated***

Luke Harper came in and hit a boot to the face of Ziggler, sending him to the outside. Harper hit a dive through the ropes. Back in the ring Harper hit a superkick but got two. Harper hit a sit down powerbomb but only got two again. Harper went for the clothesline but Ziggler ducked and rolled up Harper to get the pin.

***Luke Harper Eliminated***

Seth Rollins hoped in and went to work. He tossed Ziggler into the barricade again. Ziggler tried a quick roll up but only got two. Ziggler then hit a DDT for two. Rollins hit the corner power bomb for two. Rollins went to the top. Ziggler met him there but he was knocked down. Rollins missed a Curb Stomp and Ziggler came back with a Fameasser for two. Ziggler went for a Fameasser but Rollins held the ropes. Ziggler took out Noble and Mercury and hit the ZigZag, bur HHH pulled the ref out of the ring. Ziggler tossed Mercury and Noble into Steph. Ziggler hit another ZigZag but HHH stopped the new ref from counting. HHH beatdown Ziggler and ended up hitting a Pedigree. Scott Armstrong came out but the lights went out and STING came to the ring. Sting took out Armstrong. Sting and HHH stared each other down in the ring. HHH swung at Sting but Sting ducked and punched HHH. Sting hit the Scorpion Death Drop on HHH. Sting then rolled Ziggler onto Rollins and the original ref came in and counted the pin, giving Team Cena the win.

***Seth Rollins Eliminated***

WINNERS: Team Cena (Dolph Ziggler Is The Sole Survivor)

After the match Triple H and Steph were shocked in the ring. The crowd sang “Goodbye” and chanted “You Got Fired” as Steph threw a tantrum as HHH tried to calm her down.

JC’s Thoughts: Well where to begin. The problems I had were Mark Henry hitting the KO Punch on Mark Henry if he was just going to turn anyways. And Ryback being eliminated so quickly after being hyped up. The positives? Ziggler getting the win as the sole survivor. Kudos to the WWE for pulling that off. And Sting’s debut was great. The ultimate good guy comes in and stands up to the Authority. The match itself was good as well. Strong ending to the show that will have people talking.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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