Axis Review: Avengers/X-Men: Axis #6 by Rick Remender and Terry Dodson

avengers x-men axis 6

 Avengers/X-Men: Axis #6

Written by Rick Remender

Art by Terry and Rachel Dodson, Edgar Delgado, and Jesus Aburtov

The short of it:
It all starts with an ultimatum as Apocalypse lets the world know that Manhattan belongs to the mutants now, and that from this moment forward, opposing armies will be slaughtered instead of removed. Mutantkind will not be stopped. Apocalypse and Cyclops admire their work, a gene bomb that the Clan Akkaba could only dream of for centuries, but a distraction arises in the arrival of Mystique. Rogue and Nightcrawler go full villain on their mother, as she seeks peace, and if not for a close save by Sabretooth she may not have survived the encounter. On the other coast, in San Francisco, Tony Stark is hosting a party filled with debauchery and Extremis enhanced beautiful people when Daredevil shows up. Matt isn’t exactly happy that he’s been cleaning up messes created by Tony and his new app, and Tony calls him a communist before the fight starts. The fight is relatively quick, and Tony throws Matt out.

In Latveria, Doom addresses his people and apologizes to them. He unmasks himself, letting them see him as an equal, and then declares the country a democracy. The Evil Scarlet Witch attacks, seeking payback for the retcons that made him responsible for Disassembled and House of M, and she strikes Doom down as he protects the innocent Latverians. Doom is bailed out by Quicksilver and Magneto, but Wanda has no love lost for them either. Speaking of family quarrels, Thor is drunk in Vegas, gambling and winning…with money he stole from the casino…and his axe on the craps table…and everyone letting him win. Loki shows up, no longer able to lie, and Thor beats the piss out of him for trying to talk sense into his brother. Spider-Man provides the save, and Thor goes back to drinking.

The list of unaffected heroes is small, but it’s time to fight back…with the inverted villains. First priority? Saving the world from the Gene Bomb.


What I liked:

  • Sabretooth’s Wolverine inspired costume is great, and I really hope it becomes a full time thing. Same with his new personality, this is the best version of Creed I’ve seen in years.
  • The Dodson’s drawing an event book? Even if it’s just for an issue or two, they’re a great fit, and I’m glad they got the nod.
  • I’ve previously expressed my love of the Superior Iron Man, and this issue reaffirms that. I love how quick he is to attack Daredevil for not being capitalistic enough. Not for crashing his party, or talking down to him, or even for destroying his drink. But because Matt doesn’t want him to make money like this. Hilarious. Villain Tony is great.
  • Despite that we don’t see the face of Doom, him unmasking in front of his people and then standing to protect them is a powerful moment that I can’t imagine we will see referenced after Axis ends.
  • Thor and Loki is probably the best part of the entire issue, the exchange is hilarious, and drunken asshole Thor is amazing. Plus, Loki can’t lie!


What I didn’t like:

  • I understand that she’s a good guy now, but where did Mystique’s backbone go? Creed still has his. Doom still had his until a crowd of innocents was threatened. Is it just because it’s her kids?
  • Even with his evil removed, Doom does NOT job like a bitch.
  • For as much fun as the issue was, and for all the different things we saw, not that much really happened.


Final thoughts:
Wolvertooth! Saberine! Which one is it?!

So all it took was Genesis being made evil for him to grow into a full sized Apocalypse? I mean, yes, obviously he was always “going evil” away from being the Big A, but I kinda figured he’d be more of a Kidpocalypse.

I totally chose the right issue to tag in on reviewing this event, this is the best issue yet for me. The Red Onslaught fight felt like it was lasting forever…which, incidentally, is why the Apocalypse Twins arc of Uncanny Avengers was so awful.

So does Axis take place during the…thirty to forty five seconds between when Thor picked up his giant axe and when he got his arm cut off? Because he’s wearing his post-Mjolnir outfit and wielding the axe, but he has two arms, and all those things sorta fell into line together.

Someone read Heroes Reborn Avengers, because Evil Scarlet Witch is totally wearing that outfit.

Was Magneto inverted? I mean, yes, he was there, but he has his Magneto helmet, and he doesn’t really seem to have changed.

Of course Old Man Steve is the leader of the good guys, and that Spider-Man didn’t get inverted.


Overall: 7.5/10

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