CB’s Slant: He’s Here To Show The World… And Dolph Ziggler Did Just That at WWE Survivor Series 2014

At Survivor Series 2014, Sting made his LONG awaited debut in a WWE ring. As great as that was, WWE accomplished something even bigger and better from where I sit, and that is the true elevation of Dolph Ziggler.

As the sole survivor in such a high stakes match, make no mistake about it: Dolph Ziggler has finally reached main event status for good. For real this time.

The performance that Dolph Ziggler put forth after he was down 3-1, and the way this match built to its crescendo was a rare moment where what WWE Creative and the powers that be scripted matched exactly what the sentiments of the fans wanted. Also, the Ziggler-Seth Rollins dynamic was just a joy to watch both from a work rate and a ring psychology standpoint.

And, since Dolph Ziggler’s victory was coupled with Sting’s historic debut, it is not too much to say that this moment will never, ever be forgotten.

Of course, I hope the follow-up for Dolph Ziggler becomes just as memorable, and I personally think his career was MADE last night and that WWE will not waste this momentum for a guy that has worked his ass off to get to this point.

After all these years, the Show Off is where he always thought he belonged. And finally — and thankfully, the WWE brass is right there with him.

Show. On.

That’s all from me — CB.

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