Gotham Spoilers: Selina & Bruce’s ‘Romance’ To Continue In Tonight’s Fall Finale Episode


If you couldn’t get enough of the electric chemistry between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle (before they respectively transform into Batman and Catwoman), expect a lot more on tonight’s fall finale episode.

TVLine caught up with Gotham EP Danny Cannon who previewed that there is a lot more to come for the two new roommates.

“Their relationship is a strange one, but they’re both very similar in a way, even though they’ve been brought up in completely opposite ways,” Cannon said. “It’s a lot of fun trying to find ways where which they will bond, because there’s a million more ways for them to be torn apart. Something is drawing them in towards each other, but they’re young and they don’t quite know what that is yet, but it’s not just the fact that their circumstances are similar. It’s the fact that their very organism is connected.”

Cannon continued and said that despite their lifestyles being so different, they share many similarities.

“It’s not about upbringing and who’s in the streets and who’s in the mansion. It’s much more about, “At the core, who are they?” They’re very similar people.”