JR Blog: WWE Survivor Series 2014 Thoughts, Sting Reaction

In the wake of Survivor Series 2014, Jim Ross had a blog with instant thoughts.

on Sting’s debut
Happy to see my old friend The Stinger debut at the Survivor Series Sunday night. Honestly, I wish I hadn’t read so much material notwithstanding writing about the rumor of his return to the ring Sunday night. I’d have liked it better if I had not allowed myself to be preconditioned about Sting’s arrival. I have no one but me to blame. Nonetheless it seemed like he got a good ovation from the St. Louis crowd that had an up and down night and has had many serious distractions the past several months which may have affected the ticket sales in St. Louis. Racially charged tragedies are obviously not the environment to promote a major entertainment event as it can’t generally get media traction in the market. It was simply unfortunate timing for WWE.

HHH gave Sting the legend’s welcome back to large scale TV. Well done. I hope we only see Sting wrestle one time….at WM31 and vs. HHH would work for me but we only need to see Sting wrestle once and that’s at WM31 and then after that, if any matches, sparingly at best.

on Team Cena vs. Team Authority
Thought the main event, and this show was a one match main event, was nicely done. Good work by the staff to get this 10 man tag to have some continuity and flow. Thought Mark Henry and Rusev were well protected. Big Show KO’ing Cena was a shocker but what would have been the reaction if it was the other way around and Cena turned Authority w/ ‘designs’ on Stephanie and controlling the entire McMahon empire we find out in time. Hey, just thinking out loud.

Dolph used the tights for a pin but I don’t recall it being mentioned which would have added a little more edgy flavor to Ziggler who’s had more false starts then the Oakland Raiders. Admittedly, I may have missed that reaction but it was a big moment nonetheless.

on Wyatt vs. Ambrose
I personally needed more wresting from Ambrose and Wyatt before they went all ‘Home Depot’ setting up the TLC match in December…in three weeks. I like both guys work but perhaps a little more wrestling would have created a more stark contrast to the gimmicks.

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