Awkward Spoilers: How Does Jenna Really Feel About Becoming A Big Sister?

Tonight’s episode of Awkward has fans buzzing and we have some answers.

With the revelation that Lacey is pregnant, Ashley Rickards answered questions about the show’s finale in a recent interview with TVLine.

In terms of how Jenna feels about being a big sister, Rickards said that she thinks Jenna will be okay with it.

“Well, Jenna’s not going to be an only child anymore, which I think is fine,” Rickards said. “When you’re an only child, life rocks for a while, but then you get into adulthood and — speaking from experience as an only child — that whole thing about all the focus being on you turns into a really bad thing. It’ll be good for [Lacey and Kevin] to have a screaming distraction. I’m sure Jenna will make an adorable babysitter, too.”