Orphan Black Spoilers: Grimm, Lost Girl, Warehouse 13 Vets Sign On For Season 3

Orphan Black will have plenty of new faces to join Tatiana Maslany in Season 3.

BBC America announced the addition of a trio of new castmembers today and these include:

– James Frain (Grimm, Intruders) as Ferdinand, “a smart ‘cleaner who is both charming and intimidating.” He is also “a powerful player in a secretive, multi-national political faction that operates with questionable ethics and a ruthless approach.”

– Ksenia Solo (Lost Girl) as Shay, “a soulful and compassionate holistic healer with a great sense of humor destined to become a new friend to Cosima.”

– Kyra Harper (Warehouse 13) as Dr. Coady, “a ruthless doctor and advisor to the military,” who is “outwardly the soul of reason, but her maternal, nurturing manner conceals an agenda that even her superiors do not suspect.”