The Walking Dead Spoilers: Will Gabriel Make It Through Mid-Season Finale?

Is Father Gabriel around for the long haul?

While the character doesn’t seem like he will make it (given his aversion to defend himself), the character does stick around in the comics and that has led fans to wonder how long the television version of the pastor will stay alive.

EW caught up with Seth Gilliam to ask that very question.

“I have not read the source material,” Gilliam said. People have told me, okay, Father Gabriel is still around. But I’m not hanging my hat on that because there are so many different kinds of switchovers and changes between the characters from the graphic novels and the TV series. It’s a show about people in extreme circumstances after a zombie apocalypse — I don’t think anybody’s got a real long shelf life, you know? So I am prepared every script that I get to see “…and then Gabriel gets his throat ripped out.” And I’d be fine with that, and if and when that happens will make it the most compelling or grisly or shocking or sad or joyful — if people hate the character — moment that it could possibly be. So I can’t really feel that chest of hope that “Hey, he’s alive in the thing so I’m going to be here until they close this show down for good.” It just doesn’t work that way.