10 Thoughts On… Survivor: San Juan del Sur – Episode 9 Review

1. The most valuable players this season have been the editors. Jeremy’s dismissal was one that no one really saw coming especially because he was being portrayed as the likely winner of the season. The firefighter was instrumental in uniting the single players still left in the game and managed to best his rival, Josh, last week. Just when it appeared he had cleared his path for the endgame, he was betrayed by Jon and Jaclyn in an episode that was certainly the best of the season thus far.

2. The fact that the couples refuse to work together is absolutely shocking. Whatever their differences may be, Missy/Baylor, Keith/Wes, Jon/Jaclyn should certainly be voting as a bloc, but now I believe that their opportunity might be lost.

3. While Reed hasn’t received a lot of airtime this season, he should be heralded as the MVP of the episode as he managed to save himself from an almost certain elimination. While I have never been a fan of players going through the personal belongings of other players, you can’t really blame Reed for doing whatever he had to. That said, it was pretty idiotic of Keith to leave the clue to his hidden immunity idol in his bag.

4. There has been a lot of discussion about whether Jon and Jaclyn made the right move and why they would turn on Jeremy at this point in the game. My thoughts on this seem to waver. Initially and like most of you, I thought it was too early for them to flip and that there was no need to do so as they could have used Missy/Baylor to eliminate Jeremy after they took out Keith, Wes and Reed. With that said, Jeremy has been pretty open about the fact that his plan was to separate the game’s power couple and with the benefit of knowing that, I definitely think they made the right call.

5. To be honest, I didn’t think Jon had the guts to make such a big move this early in the game and he should be respected for it. While I am sure he is the nicest guy in the world as he appears, it’s satisfying to know that he doesn’t mind showing his teeth when he needs to.

6. I am quite worried about Natalie now that Jeremy is gone. Anyone else?

7. I have zero doubt that Jon or Jacyln will win Survivor Juan del Sur. No one else has been edited as the winner. Could you really see anyone else being named as the sole survivor at this point? I really can’t see it.

8. It is interesting to see how Wes received a lot of airtime at the beginning of the season and specifically how he was the one who figured out who John Rocker was. Since then, we rarely see anything from him aside from how good he is at the challenges.

9. I don’t know why Baylor reminds me of Sierra so much.

10. I know next season isn’t Legends but man, do I wish it was.