Carl Froch Pushing For Match Against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Before He Retires

If your name is Carl Froch, the time for a match against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in Las Vegas is now.

Froch has dispatched his promoter, Eddie Hearn to the U.S. to meet with Chavez Jr.’s, new advisor Al Haymon in an attempt to get the match sorted out before he retires.

“Eddie Hearn is jumping on the plane,” Froch said. “I don’t know whether that is tomorrow or Wednesday, and he’s got a very important meeting with Al Haymon and, hopefully, there is going to be some news soon. We’ll see.

“He is now looking after Chavez Jr. and, apparently, he (Chavez Jr.) is not under that contract [with Top Rank]. If that is the case, and he is a free agent, then there is no reason that fight can’t happen early next year – maybe in March or April. That’s the big one for me.”

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