Miguel Cotto Wouldn’t Last 5 Rounds With Gennady Golovkin According To Abel Sanchez

Before Miguel Cotto and Gennady Golovkin ever meet, it appears their trainers might have to be separated.

After Freddie Roach said that Miguel Cotto would “kick Gennady Golovkin’s ass,” Abel Sanchez is now defending his undefeated fighter.

“Miguel Cotto couldn’t go five rounds [with Golovkin], and Freddie Roach knows that and Miguel Cotto knows that,” said Sanchez. “Freddie gets on a rant like that and goes over the top to deflect the real questions so that he doesn’t have to give true answers. But Freddie knows the truth.”

It’s unlikely that the two will ever meet because of their weight difference, but here’s hoping the trash talk continues.

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Source: BadLeftHook.com