Johny Hendricks Says He Will Be Dieting On Thanksgiving

Being the UFC’s welterweight champion means that you sometimes have to make sacrifices and with his match against Robbie Lawler scheduled for December 9, Johnny Hendricks won’t be eating turkey today.

Hendricks said that he will miss burgers and pizza the most.

“Braum’s burgers and any type of pizza,” Hendricks told “My wife will not order pizza while I’m dieting, and if she does, she orders when I’m not at home and they have to throw out anything that is left over and light incense before I get home, so I don’t have to smell it. Braum’s burgers are a restaurant chain in Oklahoma, Texas, and I believe, Kansas. They are so good. They make their own fries and they only have restaurants a short drive away from where they make the food, fresh.”

Hendricks said that he was food conscious even before the holiday, admitting that fighters have to always make sure they are making the healthiest eating choices possible.

“Like I tell everybody, all the time – Yes, I have a career and I know I have to make weight, but I also want to live. I know you can live without eating too bad, though, and maybe that’s something I’ll do in the future. But for now, I pick and choose my time. There’s just something about food. I love it. And I love easy food.”

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