Nick Diaz Says He Won’t Target Anderson Silva’s Injured Leg

Nick Diaz says contrary to popular belief, he will not be going after Anderson Silva’s leg in their UFC 183 showdown on January 31.

“When someone tells you a fighter’s injured and they tell you to go after an injury, it really throws you off,” Diaz recently told the media in Las Vegas. “It would be sad to lose a fight on account of, you’re trying to concentrate on capitalizing on someone’s weakness when it comes to injury and something like that, [rather than fighting] your fight without worrying about something like that.”

If Diaz decides to target the leg, fans couldn’t really blame him considering how the injury is common knowledge.

“I fought someone a long time ago,” Diaz said. “Someone came up to me and told me that [his opponent’s] knee was hurt, and he said to me, attack his knee, I’m like, ‘Yeah right, I’m not going out to attack this guy’s knee.’ It just doesn’t … it’s not realistic to go after his injury, unless they got a cut the same week, then it’s like, yeah, hit him in the eye, because the [expletive] is going to re-open and now you wouldn’t fight on the cut. Maybe on a cut you want to take advantage of it, that makes sense.”

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