Report: MTV’s Ryan Knight Died After Night Of Partying With Friends, Pills Suspected To Be Cause

Earlier, we reported that Ryan Knight passed away early Thursday morning and now more details are coming to light.

TMZ is reporting that the former Real World star went partying on Wednesday night with a group of his friends. The night ended at a friend’s home where he was found dead early this morning. TMZ talked to Ryan’s friend who said that Knight had choked on his own vomit.

The site also reports that Knight had taken some pills on Wednesday night but it is unclear what these consisted of.

Despite a relatively dark final tweet, it is said that Ryan was in a good mood yesterday and had just started a new relationship.

Knight, sadly, was only 29.

Earlier today, Ryan’s fellow MTV Alumni mourned and collectively paid their respects.

We continue to offer our condolences to Ryan’s family.

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