Ronda Rousey Isn’t Offended By Eminem Calling Her Out In New Track, Tells Jimmy Kimmel She Is ‘Honored’

Ronda Rousey doesn’t mind that Eminem describes her as a ‘slaughterhouse in a blouse’ in his Shady XV track. Instead, she says she is humbled by it.

“He’s an artist and art isn’t meant to be nice, it’s meant to make you feel something,” Rousey said.

The UFC women’s bantamweight champion isn’t clear if the reference was meant to offend her and even if it was meant to be insulting, she doesn’t mind.

“I like being called a slaughterhouse in a blouse,” Rousey said. “I think that’s cool. I’m not perfect, but parts of me are pretty awesome and I think if Eminem took the ass Pepsi Challenge, he would totally pick me as his favorite.”

She said Eminem including her in a song is like her armbarring an opponent. A sign of respect.

“I feel like getting rapped about by Eminem is like getting armbarred by me,” Rousey said. “It might not be so pleasant if you’re on the other side of it, but it’s so skillfully done you have to be honored.”

Here’s the interview:

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