Undefeated WBA Champion Jessie Vargas Wants A Piece Of Pacquaio If Mayweather Dream Match Doesn’t Happen

If the Manny Pacquiao/Floyd Mayweather superfight doesn’t materialize, undefeated WBA champion Jessie Vargas wants a piece of Pac Man.

“Now I’m looking for bigger and better things. I want a fight against Pacquiao.”

“I’m the WBA champion and I hear you want to come down to 140. Let’s make it happen. If you want this title, okay. I can go up and take your title, as well. I still have a grudge, to be honest, ever since I was a kid and he beat Morales and Barrera.”

“They were the older lions and Manny Pacquiao was a younger, more hungry fighter at that time. But now it’s me. Now it’s Jessie Vargas who is hungry and looking for an opportunity. I look forward to getting it.”

“I have a great team I believe in and I’m positive I can take it to the next level and beat Manny Pacquiao and give you a show doing it. I’m not going to run. You’re going to see a war, and you’re going to see me trade with Manny Pacquiao.”

“One more thing, Mr. Freddie Roach. I have a lot of respect for him, and he’s a great trainer, but he said Antonio DeMarco will knock me out. He did not, and I came out victorious again. Now I have beat 4 of his fighters in a row! Two undefeated, three southpaws, so now give me your top dog! Give it to me!”

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Source: BloodyElbow.com