CM Punk Says Vince McMahon Blocked His Appearance At ‘Barbaric’ UFC Event

CM Punk is airing a little dirty laundry.

The former WWE superstar says that he was approached to accompany Chael Sonnen to the ring at UFC On FOX 2 on January 28 2012 as the event was taking place in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois. When the WWE boss heard about Punk’s appearance, he immediately nixed it.

“Oh my God, Phil,” Punk, whose real name is Phil Brooks, said McMahon told him on Colt Cabana’s podcast this week. “No, we can’t do that. That’s barbaric. Somebody is going to die. Then I had to remind him, ‘I don’t know if you remember Owen Hart or not, because he sort of died in your ring.'”

Despite the event taking place the day before the 2012 Royal Rumble and Punk’s argument that a nationally televised appearance would help boost PPV sales, McMahon wanted none of it.

“Tomorrow is the Royal Rumble so it’ll get some last-minute buys and whether Chael wins or loses, no offense to Chael, nobody is going to be talking about him,” Punk said, explaining what he said to the WWE head honcho. “They’re going to be talking about the WWE champion walking him to the Octagon.”

Punk, said just four months after McMahon stopped him from walking out with Sonnen, WWE star Triple H walked out with Floyd Mayweather for his boxing match against Miguel Cotto.

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