Wanderlei Silva Releases New Anti-UFC Video, Claims Former Employer Threatened Him With Lawsuit If He Made Bellator Appearance

Give it a rest already Wanderlei.

Wanderlei Silva has released a new video where he explains how the UFC blocked an paid appearance he had in support of Bellator 131.

In his new video, Silva says that he was to have been paid $10,000 for two hours of signing autographs at the event but that he couldn’t because the UFC threatened to sue him if he appeared at an event for their biggest rival while still under UFC contract.

“I am retired, I don’t fight anymore, I lost the desire,” Silva said on the video, which was posted Friday. “So what stops me from generating income now? Are these people going to keep threatening me? They’ll keep coming to sue me every time I work with my image? How is that going to be? This is a shame. These guys are doing things above the law. Because the law clearly states that every person is free to come and go. And they want to take that away from the athletes? How is that?”

Here’s the entire video:

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Source: MMAFighting.com