Forever Heel: Thank You, Big Show.

The biggest problem with the WWE is fans that boo a sincere apology. Big Show deserves our thanks for saving wrestling. It was Big Show that made guys like Chris Jericho, and the Undertaker look like champs. Show made guys like Miz and Kane look better than they already do. The guy is such a good wrestler that he usually gets a title shot against any champ. He was one of the youngest WCW World Champs, when won the belt in 1996. Big Show was known as “The Giant”, because his huge stature had WCW believing he was the son of André the Giant. WCW was smart when they signed Paul Wight, they immediately put the main title on him. WCW knew that pro-wrestling is a big man’s sport. There was no reason to keep Hogan around when Andre’s son has the belt. Screw Hogan. Sadley The Giant lost the WCW WHC to the awesome Hollywood Hogan, but he was also the NWO’s earliest recruit. The Giant would be thrown out of the NWO twice, but he also got to join the NWO three times. He would join NWO Hollywood in 1998, and the WWE’s version of the NWO in 2002. The Giant never retained the WCW World Heavyweight Championship before he left WCW in 1999. He joined WCW right before the NWO angle, and Hogan as the top heel meant he’d get to monopolize the title for nearly two years. There was no way The Giant would get a worthy title reign, let alone a title reign. As a face Giant would win the WCW Tag Belts with Lex Luger, but they were stripped of the belts later for no reason except to show Eric Bischoff was a heel. He’d also carry the belts with Sting and later Scott Hall. These were pretty much throwaway reigns. Sting and Giant won the belts while Giant turned heel and rejoined the NWO, taking the place of Kevin Nash. Meanwhile Sting would join in Kevin Nash ‘s new NWO Wolf-Pac. Since each man was in a feuding factions, Sting would face the Giant for the tag belts. This was unique in that it was a single’s match for the Tag Team Championships. Sting ended up winning and making his co-champ, Kevin Nash. In turn Hollywood Hogan choose Scott Hall -Kevin Nash’s best friend and tag partner that had recently turned on him- as The Giant’s tag partner. Giant and Hall would would win the Tag Belts because Eric Bischoff felt that NWO Hollywood would look bad if the faction had no titles, since Hollywood Hulk Hogan had recently lost his World Title to Goldberg. Both NWO’s spent the summer of 1998 feuding while trying to avoid having any big money matches between any of either groups top guys. By the winter of 1999, The Giant was thrown out of the NWO because in real life he had signed with the WWE.

The Giant joined WWE at a PPV called “Saint Valentine’s Massacre”, where he attacked Steve Austin, and joined Vince McMahon’s “Corporation”. Here he’d be called by his real name, Paul Wight, and “The Big Nasty”, but we’ll be calling him “Big Show”, now. Show has been in the WEE for around 15 years now, and has been misused and over used. He’s always been the guy that can main event, or be a place holder champ, incase the real champ might not be available. Big Show is the only wrestler to win the main titles in WCW, ECW, and WWE. He’s also held every WWE title available to him. He’s a champ that can literally put the title belt around his arm, and wear four belts around his waist. Big Show has wins over Brock Lesnar, Hulk Hogan, and The Rock. WWE had big plans for Big Show, but immediately deflated him in the summer of 1999. He would become a feel good champion at Survivor Series 1999, but with Triple H’s rise to being the top heel in the WWE, Show would be forced to drop the belt to another heel that would monopolize the main title.

When Stephanie McMahon offered to make Big Show the only active member of the WWE Hall of Fame, there really no other guy on the active roster that would deserve it more. True, Show has been misused and overexposed, but whether he’s a heel or a face, he’s a loveable jerk. I’m not sure why but WWE doesn’t seem as interested in promoting Big Show to the kid market? I think he’d be popular to the little guys? Kids my age loved André the Giant even when he was heel. Kids seem to like Kane too, maybe WWE isn’t as into keeping the kids happy as we think?

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Top 5 Big Show Gimmicks that Started Before Big Show Debuted.

5) Big Josh
4) John Studd
3) Berzerker
2) Executioner (1996 version)
1) Kurgan

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