Steve Austin Podcast News: Nothing “Off Limits” For Vince McMahon Interview After Raw

Tonight after Raw on the WWE Network, WWE is presenting a Steve Austin podcast interview with Vince McMahon. did an interview with Austin and here are some highlights:

On the Vince interview scheduled for after Raw:
Nothing is off limits. There’s a line that I won’t cross, but that’s for my standards — nothing that WWE has told me. There are many things I’d like to ask him. I’d like to know what’s going on with CM Punk. I’d like to know how Daniel Bryan’s health is. I’d like to know whose idea it was in Atlanta [that made me] take my ball and go home in 2002. I reacted the worst way possible, but I want to know who came up with that masterpiece of an idea. Guys like me come along very seldom in the wrestling business. You can count ’em on a couple of fingers.

On his podcast favorites:
I enjoyed breaking down my matches, because wrestling fans really like to know what I’m actually thinking, and why certain things needed to happen at a certain time. But when I wrestled that fly, I was down in Mexico filming season two of ‘Redneck Island.’ I was in a five-star hotel and my room was 4,000 square feet full of marble and granite, but I did not have access to the Internet, because a storm had come through and it was down. I went down the lobby and a fly landed on my ear. And then it landed on my nose. So I thought, ‘Why don’t I do a show where the fly lands on my microphone and I start talking to it?’ And then I went into Gordon Solie mode, and I did it all ad-libbed in one take.

On Rumors of another match
That’s all just chatter, because you never hear me on the podcast selling myself in a match. Hulk Hogan’s trying to stir a matchup, calling me a coward. A lot of what I say breaks over into the mainstream, but I don’t ever want to sell a match that I cannot deliver, because I wouldn’t be living up to my word. As we speak right now, no

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