JR Blog: Austin-McMahon Reaction, Calls Punk Admirable, Raw Thoughts

Jim Ross has reactions to the Steve Austin/Vince McMahon podcast last night in a full new blog entry.

Here are some of the highlights:

on Austin/McMagon:
Thoroughly enjoyed the Austin-McMahon discussion on the WWE Network Monday night after RAW. Thought it was well done by both men and informative and entertaining which are always two desirable traits of any piece of business.

Was happy that VKM addressed the hot topic of the CM Punk matter and was surprised abut the apology he made to Punk about getting his lega paperwork on Punk and AJ’s wedding day. Seems as if the door is open to resume talks some day if both parties are of that mindset.

on CM Punk’s goals:
Punk’s overwhelming desire to close the show at a WrestleMania is admirable and if any one in the locker room doesn’t have that same goal every day of their professional life then they need to find another line of work.

on Bill Watts:
The topic of Bill Watts coming up was nostalgic as I recall organizing that FREE ‘meet and greet’ at the old Myriad featuring all the Mid South fan favorites including Kerry Von Erich as being a success the night WWE made their OKC debut.

on Raw:
Bray Wyatt’s promo was spectacular and he felt more like a pro wrestling villain. Really well done. Reminded me of Jake Roberts and a little of the old school Mankind at times.

Obvious the crowd has an attraction to Dolph Ziggler and enjoys cheering for him.

Something drew my eye to the team of Cesaro and Tyson Kidd as I think that both men are ‘this close’ to being in a spot to where they can better help WWE. Agreed with VKM that Cesaro needs to enhance his personality a bit but his physical skills are special. Being on Total Divas has helped Kidd gain confidence in utilizing his personality.

Mizdow is unique as Sandow is a quasi fan favorite while Miz is not. Curious to see how these two evolve as a team that will hopefully add a spark to the tag teams.

Curious to see if the trio of New Day can gain some traction over the next few weeks as they refine their presentation. There might just be something in that packaging.

You can read his full blog over at JR’s BBQ

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