Tuesday Raw Roundtable: Cyber Monday Raw Edition

WWE kicked off December with another three hour Monday Night Raw and here are the staff reactions:

Justin Czerwonka

While the main event was some decent wrestling, there was really nothing else on the show worthwhile. And even with the main event, it really doesn’t mean anything in the long run. I talked about this on the HTC Pulsecast today, but it really seems like the WWE is in auto pilot for the rest of December. I don’t think we will get anything new and/or major from a storyline perspective. Just look at tonight’s show. Outside of the stipulation to the Seth Rollins/John Cena match at TLC, nothing newsworthy came out of this show. You could have easily skipped this show and not missed anything. A show can have a good match or two on it, but if nothing meaningful happens with storylines then it really doesn’ matter in the long run. I’m going to give the show a 2. And with next week being the Slammy Awards show, I’m already dreading it.


Last week’s Raw was criticized for having too much Daniel Bryan, but this week had no Daniel Bryan and was much worse. There seems to be no urgency to WWE’s storylines right now, with a lame duck December PPV then a long wait until Royal Rumble in late January. The six man tag main event was fine but unspectacular, and the rest of the show was a bore. The Anonymous Raw GM laptop made no sense whatsoever and I’m happy that it will be only 1 week.

Matthew Harrak

While some things on the show were great (Ziggler’s continued push), most of the show was as stale as that extra Halloween candy you have laying around. Why would we want to see John Cena wrestle Seth Rollins again? Why not put him with Luke Harper and Rollins with Ziggler to freshen things up? And why in the hell was Bray Wyatt on the verge of tears when Dean Ambrose broke his chair? It’s obvious that the WWE is in a holding pattern until WrestleMania season but dear God give us SOMETHING interesting in a 3 hour show!

Steven Berkman

Brutally short Berkman’s take on Raw:
Almost entirely forgettable, the team of Kidd/Cesaro was completely wasted in a tag gauntlet that once again has the Usos at the titles’ beck and call. Cena’ humor fell flatter than ever before.
The Bella’s are besties again for no apparent reason and with no explanation and that’s such a blatant and painful example of what’s wrong with the product as a whole.

Bonus podcast review:
Vince danced around almost everything of interest which amounted to a big waste of time.

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