Comics Nexus Flashback 12/05/2004: 9(!) Reviews – Detective Comics #801, New Avengers #1

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Hard Time #11 Review

The issue begins where the last issue ended, with Ethan napping on the yard and getting pummeled by fellow prisoners while his inner force roamed around. The inner force returns, Ethan regains consciousness, and licks his wounds. Ethan returns to his cell, where his cellmate Curly frets because he’s just lost computer lab privileges.

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Street Angel #4 Review

Cool is an ever elusive quality in all walks of life. In terms of comic books, it’s practically non-existent. I mean, really, what’s so cool about outdated morality tales on Truth, Justice and the American Way? What’s so cool about weepy-eyed melancholy brought on by excessive worrying about Power & Responsibility? What’s cool about spandex, variant covers, deconstruction, disassembling, invalidated deaths, kiss-kiss bang-bang widescreen violence, half-a-dozen rebooted #1 titles per week, crisis after crisis and that ever-pervading feeling that none of it ever really matters?

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Y The Last Man #29 Review

By now you should know that every male in the world is dead, except Yorick and his helper monkey Ampersand. Yorick, Dr. Mann and Agent 355 have finally made it to Dr. Mann’s lab in San Francisco. Unfortunately, Yorick lost his wedding ring (and what he thinks is the reason he survived the plague) during an encounter with some agents of a rogue outfit called the Setauket Ring. 355 went to retrieve it, when Hero, Yorick’s mentally unstable sister, crashed the meeting. Phew.

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Fallen Angel #18 Review

So last issue Boxer came out of Lee’s closet and punched her in the stomach, as part of his attempt on the life of Fallen Angel, despite the fact that Doctor Juris forbade any attacks on Lee. Boxer didn’t know 1) Lee was pregnant or 2) Doctor Juris was the father.

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Detective Comics #801 Review

I have been looking forward to this story for a long time. Since I heard David Lapham was going to be on a Batman book, I have been anticipating it. It just sounded like such a cool idea to me. I thought Lapham would have had a great take on the Dark Knight. I was quite disappointed when his take was so…generic.

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Looking To The Stars

With Green Lantern: Rebirth drawing a lot of attention as it clarifies and redefines the Green Lantern mythos, it seems that it is time for me to update one of the most popular features I’ve ever written: a guide to the little differences in the various Green Lantern rings.

For the purposes of simplicity, the rings shall be discussed using these three qualifying terms: Alpha Ring, Beta Ring and Omega Ring. Definitions follow.

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New Avengers #1 Review

To steal a quote from The Negotiator, That’s the bus. The bus is going down the street.

Avengers Disassembled is on the bus. Let it leave. I myself was left rather unimpressed by it, proving to be the exact audience that Bendis said would be the worst outcome. I was not moved to scream bloody murder or to declare my ever dying love for the storyline. I pretty much just shrugged and filed it away in my long box. I know it is tempting to hold out to your feelings from “Chaos” but this is a whole new bag and it will just be easier for you not to bring that baggage to the table. Just a helpful suggestion.

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Doc Frankenstein #1 Review

Many people “discovered” the talent of the Wachowski Brothers with the release of The Matrix in 1999. I was blown away by their previous (and the only other up until that point) directorial effort, Bound. Bound came out in 1996 and starred Jennifer Tilly, Joe Pantoliano, and Gina Gershon. This movie was white-hot, sexy, and cool. The Wachowski Brothers left an indelible impression with a film that featured a witty script, great acting, and a satisfying conclusion. If you haven’t seen it already, I don’t want to give too much away, but you really need to check it out.

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Diner Talk – Foongatz!

Welcome to another episode of Diner Talk! This time we have travelled to Boston, to hang with former Nexus employee Ben Morse, and Tim Stevens. Along the way, we decided to get some work done and meet up with a group of guys who are starting a small comics company called Foongatz! So, please, sit down here with us in the basement of the Dunkin Donuts in Boston, Mass. It’s not a diner, but Boston’s kind of uncivilized like that.

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