CM Punk & Dana White To Meet This Weekend

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On Friday’s Jim Rome Show, UFC’s President Dana White revealed that CM Punk would be attending this weekend’s UFC 181 event & that they will be meeting at the event. He said:

“He left the WWE for whatever reason, he’s a huge fan of the UFC, he’s been training for a few years now, and he’s interested in fighting,” White said. “I’m interested in talking to him…CM Punk is coming to the show this weekend, and we’re going to talk.”

“You never know [if you can fight] until you get in there. I didn’t know if Brock could fight. I thought Brock was crazy for coming over here. But, the difference with Brock Lesnar is Brock was a world-class wrestler. I don’t know. We’ll see. He’s not a guy that we would do what we did with Brock; we threw Brock right to the wolves. Brock started fighting all the top heavyweights in the world because of his wrestling background. CM Punk, we would bring him in just like any regular fighter, and he would fight a guy with a similar record to his, which is 0-0.”

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