Comics Nexus Flashback 12/06/2004: Reviews – Ultimates Vol. 2 #1, Superman/Batman #15, Exiles #55

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Ultimates Vol. 2 #1

A couple of years ago Marvel gave us the team of Ultimate Avengers that rocked the world. It was an amazing story that people were riveted to, and sadly had to wait and wait and wait for. Art delays held the book up for months on end, and by the time the book ended people were fairly numb to it. Now, looking back on it, it’s a much better TPB read than a comic read – and the ending leaves you a little empty.

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Superman/Batman #15

Well, the new arc of Superman/Batman truly begins with this, Part 2 of ‘Absolute Power’. The first part set up what appeared to be, to all intents and purposes, and ‘Elseworlds’ story, with its portrayal of a fascist Earth rules by Superman and Batman.

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Exiles #55 Review

You know something that normally really gets my goat? It’s when people say that “things ain’t what they used to be…I remember when all this was fields…you could get into the movie house and buy soda and popcorn and still get a tram back home – all for a nickel…yadda, yadda, yadda.”

Normally, it really, really bugs me when people talk like that. Yeah, yeah, yeah – so things have moved on, they’ve progressed – for better or for worse – deal with it. Sure, some things were better in the old days, but, seriously folks, lets not beat around the bush – what would you rather have…a ball and stick, or your PS2?

Clean, cool running water or a stinking well and a rusty bucket?

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