Pulse Flashback 12/06/2004: Hyatte Midnight News, WWE Raw Report, TNA/Randy Savage News

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The Midnight News 12.06.04

“Allo wankers, I’m Chris and this is the Midnight News… not much else to say, don’t have much news to report… in fact, I have practically none…so let’s just roll…

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The Crucifix

That’s right I’m on Monday now! I’m convinced that this is a promotion. Then I realized I’m not getting paid. It made me sad. Then I looked
at the picture to your left and pissed myself laughing. All better!
That Triple H, what a great guy. Always providing great material
for all of the IWC.

Now I got several emails last week regarding the use of Mini-Steph. Apparently people really don’t like Stephanie McMahon. Well, since
I like to keep my readers happy, Stephanie will not appear this week.
In her place will be… MINI-RUSSO! You asked for it bitches!

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WWE Smackdown! Superstars Head to the Middle East

The following press release was issued today by WWE:

WWE Smackdown! Superstars Head to the Middle East for a ‘Holiday Tribute to the Troops,’ on WWE Smackdown!, Thursday, Dec. 23 -8:00-10:00PM, ET/PT- on UPN

STAMFORD, Conn.–Dec. 6, 2004–World Wrestling Entertainment® (NYSE:WWE – News) Chairman Vince McMahon(TM) leads 18 Smackdown!(TM) Superstars to the Middle East to share the holidays with the U.S. troops. In what is becoming an annual tradition for World Wrestling Entertainment and our troops operating in harm’s way, these Superstars will perform before thousands of men and women of the U.S. military in the Middle East, on “WWE’s Holiday Tribute to the Troops” on WWE Smackdown!, Thursday, Dec. 23, (8:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on UPN.

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NWA TNA Final Resolution Card [Spoilers]

According to Dave Meltzer and WrestlingObserver.com, currently the top three matches on the 1/16 TNA PPV are:

NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Jarrett vs. Randy Savage

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Backstage News & Notes from TNA’s Turning Point

Tim Welch played the Vince McMahon character in the parody sketches. Management was reportedly very happy with how the vignettes came off.

Randy Savage was said to have been surprised by the lack of reaction he received when he made his entrance during the six-man tag. Jimmy Hart was not allowed at the gorilla position and had to leave the backstage area when it came time for Savage to become a part of the match.

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InsidePULSE’s WWE RAW Report

Jericho is in the ring, welcomes us to RAW IS JERICHO, and the ring is set for the Highlight Reel. Jericho says that tonight, everyone gets laid, and Hawaiian leis fall from the ceiling. Jericho then says that Trish will be defending her title against Lita, and all the new WWE Divas will be in the first ever Chris Jericho Rock and Roll Limbo, with the music provided by Fozzy. Jericho then wants to get to the World Title situation, and that there is only one man that answer the questions at hand, and brings out his guest to the Highlight Heel, Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Vince comes out, and says that Benoit was pinned, and Edge tapped at the exact same time, so it seems as we have a tie. So, when we have 2 contenders cancel each other out, but before Vince can get an answer out, HHH comes out. HHH clearly thinks Vince will just give him the belt back, but Vince congratulates him on both being an author on his new book, in stores tomorrow, and on being a movie star, with Blade: Trinity opening in theatres on Wednesday. HHH goes to grab his belt, and Vince says that he did not name him World Champ, and he is going to vacate the title, and leave the mess to Bischoff when he gets back next week from vacation. HHH doesn’t like this.

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