Pulse Flashback 12/07/2004: Wrestling News, Opinions, WWE Raw, TNA/Savage

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Wrestling News, Opinions, Etc., 12.07.04

Hmmmm, he says knowingly. There ain’t jack shit out there, really. I haven’t finished downloading Turning Point at the time of writing, so I can’t comment on that (and I blew off the Round Table out of a sense of sheer exhaustion, having slept the day away on Saturday). There’s nothing major in the news to talk about other than the repeat election in Ukraine on Boxing Day (okay, so Veej won Player of the Year, but that was a given); the bombing in Jeddah was such a given that it hardly qualifies as news (just another excuse for oil prices to skyrocket again). So what’s there to…

…well, there is one thing I want to talk about, and that’s Hyatte’s “Death of the IWC” remarks yesterday. I agree with him somewhat. Truth be told, the IWC has been dying a very slow death and has been running on fumes for a while now. It’s been going on for nearly four years now. When ECW tanked and Vince bought WCW, the glory days ended for the IWC (as it did for many things). The reason for this is simple: Vince runs a very tight ship when it comes to control of information, while ECW and WCW leaked like sieves. As I’ve said before, half the locker room in both places had Keller and Meltzer on speed-dial. I remember one particular incident in 2000 where Big Sump Pump and Diamond Dallas Page got into a fight in the WCW locker room near the end of one episode of Nitro. Both Keller and Meltzer had the story up there, with copious details, within one hour of Nitro ending that evening. That kind of shit doesn’t happen anymore, because Vince keeps his locker room tighter than a drum. And no one gives a shit enough about TNA, ROH, or anyone else to care whether or not they leak, unless the story involves adolescent boys and fetishes regarding them.

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Smackdown House Show Results For 12/6

Hey, I was at the house show tonight and regularly read your articles and news so I thought I would send this in to you….

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Dark Matches, International Heat Matches, Off Air Results & Notes


*Approximately 2,000 seats on the camera side were taped off.
However, they did have to open up a section of about 100 seats to
accommodate everyone. That in itself may sound good, until I counted
that the rest of Independence Arena, with the RAW setup and those
taped-off seats, was seating an absolute maximum of 5,000, maybe more
in the 4,500 range.

*After the Edge/Orton segment went to break, Orton ran back to the
ring and RKO’d Edge, posed on the ramp for the pop, etc.

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More Notes From RAW

Chris Benoit was knocked out legit last night due to the chair shot from Triple H. He received a few staples and was later said to be OK.

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RAW Rating

RAW received it’s fourth straight 3.9 rating, according to Nielsen Media Research and WrestlingObserver.com.

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Savage On Outs With TNA Again?

Even though he was backstage earlier this afternoon, Randy Savage did not participate in any way at the tapings. Reportedly Savage had a meeting with management and then left the building. Right now, there are rumors running that he has once again left TNA.

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Triple H on Off The Record Highlights

Triple H on Off the Record

Landsberg asked if “Paul Levesque” considers himself a success. Triple H said, “yes, but I don’t see it as a stopping point.”

Triple H considers other avenues such as Hollywood as more opportunities.

Claims what he does isn’t work to him.

Says that Vince McMahon is the hardest working guy he knows.

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Tough Enough Finalists [Spoiler]

Justice Smith was voted off tonight. The final competition will now be Daniel Puder vs Mike “The Miz” Mizanin in a boxing match at Armageddon this Sunday. The winner of that will be the likely winner of the overall competition and a $ 1,000,000 contract.

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More on Savage/TNA Situation

Randy Savage was reportedly sent home from the TNA iMPACT! taping this afternoon. He reportedly demanded to win the NWA Title from Jeff Jarrett at the Final Resolution PPV. Management told him that it wasn’t in the plans and asked him to leave. As of now, there is no opponent for Jeff Jarrett at Final Resolution.

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