Comics Nexus Flashback 12/08/2004: Overlord’s Corner, Uncanny X-Men #453 Review, Marvel Handbook

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The Overlord’s Corner 2.0

Hello everyone, I’d like to start my first column back with an apology. For those of you who thought you’d seen the last of me…sorry, but you’ll NEVER see the end of me! The Overlord is FOREVER!!!


Well as you can plainly see, I’ve decided to bring the Corner back. However, this time around the content of the column will be quite different. I will save some room at the end of the column to talk about things in the industry if there’s anything on my mind, and of course everyone is welcome to send emails, which I’ll publish and respond to just as before.

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Who’s Who in the DCU (12/09/04)

Even when he got his ring back he still wasn’t the same. When the Guardians left in Green Lantern #200, he lost the aspect of a hero torn between doing what he’s supposed to do and what he wants to do. The Guardians always chastised him for spending so much time on Earth, and neglecting his sector. Without that power structure in place, his character diminished.

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Jubilee #4 Review

Welcome back to Marvel Age, a place for impressionable youths get to pick up comic book stories that they are able to relate to. They are supposed to grab stories that their mother’s and father’s could pick up and go ‘Yes, I approve’. Stories that are there to nurture them into a false sense of security that comic books are good and pure.

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The Monolith #10 Review

Last issue we found out that the Monolith had a metal doppelganger. It got stuck in a stasis of sorts way back in the 1930’s. But now it’s awake again, the result of an explosion at a restaurant that Tilt and Alice were visiting.

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Outsiders #18 Review

I have been very hot and cold when it comes to the Outsiders. When I heard about it at first, it didn’t sound like a book I would be too interested in. But the buzz around it built, and I checked out a few issues. I was always a hug fan of Tom Raney, so I was hooked for a while. When I get it every month, it’s not something I’m terribly excited about though. Judd Winick writes a good story, and the art is always at the very least appealing, but I just can’t get hooked, no matter what.

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Uncanny X-Men #453 Review

I first started reading comics when I was about nine or ten years old. I had an Uncle who was in the Merchant Navy, and a huge comics fan. He used to pick up the books on his travels aboard, and bring them home, storing them in a big, red, plastic box.

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Marvel Handbook

How about some Mutant X profiles?

How about I do a series on them after I’m finished with my AOA one. It will keep me busy.

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