Pulse Flashback 12/08/2004: Smackdown Spoilers, Smark TNA Turning Point 2014 Rant

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SD News: Full Smackdown & Velocity Taping Results [Spoilers]


The lights went out and on the Smackdown-a-tron they played the WWE Divas video. During the video a large crew of WWE workers came down to the ring. Towering over the group was one hooded “crew member” who faked like he was talking on a walkie talkie. The crew managed their way around the ring and the tall person disappeared. The crew did not even stop to do work. They simply walked around the ring and walked back, minus one person of course. You have one guess who it will be.

JBL’s music played and the entire cabinet accompanied him in the ring. Orlando Jordan, the diva chick, The Turtle Neck twins and JBL all waited around until Smackdown cold opens this week with JBL cutting a promo. JBL said that he is going through something no other WWE champion has gone through before. He does say that past WWE champions Bruno Sammartino, Andre the Giant, Bret Hart, Steve Austin and The Rock all have something in common, “On their best day and in the best shape of their lives they could not beat me.” JBL also calls Teddy Long a piece of garbage and an example of affirmative action being wrong. I looked at Orlando Jordan and he was nodding along with JBL so no hints of dissension. JBL talks about beating up the Undertaker and the lights go out. When the lights come back on The Undertaker attacks JBL and his cabinet. He chokeslams both Basham Brothers as JBL and Orlando skeedaddle.

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The Beatiful Thing presents: My Story Part II

There would be absolutely no way for me to overstate how much I enjoyed my time with All Star Wrestling. I was nothing but a big mark who had been given the opportunity to play a bad guy manager and occasional colour commentator on the show that I grew up watching.

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Puroresu Pulse, Issue 13

All Japan: On Wednesday, the team of Taiyo Kea & Jamal won the tag league by beating Kawada/Nagai and Kojima/Hayashi. Especially notable here is Kojima/Hayashi having come in fresh. On Sunday they ran Sumo Hall. Hayashi defended the junior title against NOSAWA, Vader beat Suwama in a decent showing for the rookie, Sasaki’s “Sasaki Family” stable won a 10-man elimination match, and Kawada retained in a war with Tenzan. Afterwards, Kawada and Sasaki hinted at fighting each other.

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Your hosts are Mike Tenay & Don West.

– The opening graphic introduces the heels as the Kings of Wrestling. They should have called themselves the Heroes of Wrestling, which would be much more apropos.

– Meanwhile, Vinny McDaddy and his son-in-law arrive to dispute the videotape. Nice grunting HHH impression, although he’s not tall enough to pull it off.

The SmarK Rant for TNA Turning Point 2004

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TNA News & Notes

Primetime, Abyss, and Chris Sabin were all at yesterday’s iMPACT! taping, but were given the night off, so they could recuperate from the injuries they suffered at Turning Point. They were all paid as if they had wrestled on the taping. Sabin suffered a lower back injury. Primetime was a bit beaten up after doing his head scissors from the cage, while Abyss took a bump onto a pile of thumbtacks

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Match Results For Next Two Weeks of TNA iMPACT! [Spoilers]

Before the tapings began, Raven came out on the Stage of Heelish Impact with a steady cameraman for something and then went back down the Chute of Heelish Impact.

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Various WWE News

For the fourth week in a row, Raw did a 3.9 cable rating, with a 5.7 share, according to Nielsen Media Research. The show did hours of 3.8 and 3.9.

In other ratings news, Velocity did a 0.5 cable rating, with a 1.1 share.

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