Pulse TV Flashback 12/08/2004: Survivor: Vanuatu, The Amazing Race

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Riding Coattails: Queen Bee Buzzes Off

Ami, the Queen Bee of Survivor: Vanuatu, was finally knocked off her throne. I really thought I’d be happier about this. I’ve been bitching about Ami and her controlling ways since the season began and yet the way she left the game truly saddened me. I had no idea she had such a close connection with Eliza, nor did I ever consider that someone might see Scout as a nasty character. This week presented a highly eventful episode, not only because a key player saw her torch snuffed but also because a lot of interesting things were revealed about the survivors’ personalities.

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Bob’s Amazing Thoughts: The Fickle Finger Of Fate

Oh, man. I don’t feel to good. I think all this rocking and rolling is making me sick. Hurry up, let’s finish this up before I spew out my thoughts on this week’s episode….

1. Winners of the Week: One of the most interesting aspects of The Amazing Race is taking these so called typical Americans and placing them in a culture and surroundings that they are just not used to. Removing someone from their comfort zone and seeing how they react can give us a lot of good insights into a persons characters. Throughout the whole experience in Africa, which was definitely eye opening to many racers, Kris and Jon stood out as the optimistic group with good attitudes. While they may have made a few bad mistakes this leg, not checking out the opening time of the Town Hall Tower, and jumping into a cab before they really new where they were going, they never flipped out or we rude to any one. While others were saying, “Oh, this is so gross.” They were saying “Dude, look how cool this is.” Oh, and I’ll have to agree with Jon. She did look pretty hot doing that salt gathering challenge.

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