Ring of Honor Final Battle 2014 Results & Exclusive Photos

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The view from terminal 5 at #FinalBattle14 – standing room only up here

#FinalBattle14 dark match – Brutal Burgers vs BJ Whitmer & Mikey Webb

And brutal burgers takes it over BJ and NOT his new young boy #FinalBattle14

They just gave Cary Silkin a “lifetime achievement award” before the show starts. He loved it. The crowd loved him. #FinalBattle14

Match 1 at @ringofhonor #FinalBattle14 – four corners survival with Mark Briscoe vs caprice Coleman vs jimmy Jacobs vs Hanson

And the first winner at #FinalBattle14 is Hanson with a huge spin kick on Coleman. Crowd LOVED this man and for good reason.

Match 2 at @ringofhonor #FinalBattle14 – Adam Page vs Roderick Strong

Strong puts him out with End of Heartache and the Stronghold. Decade revives Page with water& Whitmer goes after Corino. #FinalBattle14

Match 3 at @ringofhonor #FinalBattle14 – @MichaelElgin25 vs Tommaso Ciampa

Elgin wins with an elevated double arm ddt after Ciampa accidentally clotheslines the ref and McGuinness storms to the back. #FinalBattle14

Match 4 at @ringofhonor #FinalBattle14 – Cedric Alexander & The Addiction vs Young Bucks & ACH

ACH pins Alexander with a 450 following a Meltzer Driver. Absolutely nuts. Super kick count: 10 #FinalBattle14

Match 5 at @ringofhonor #FinalBattle14 – Moose vs RD Evans. Prince Nana has his hands in this one.

Moose picks it up with the Spear after referee shenanigans and Veda Scott turning her back on Evans with a low blow #FinalBattle14

Match 6 at @ringofhonor #FinalBattle14 – @findevan vs Jay Lethal w/ Truth Martini for the ROH TV Championship

Lethal retains w/Lethal Injection following Martini interference and Sydal diving into a cutter as he shooting stars Martini #FinalBattle14

Match 7 at @ringofhonor #FinalBattle14 – Time Splitters vs reDRagon (c) for the ROH Tag Titles

reDRagon take it with Chasing the Dragon and an armbar/legbar from O’Reilly #FinalBattle14

Match 8 and your main event at @ringofhonor #FinalBattle14 – Adam Cole vs Jay Briscoe (c), ROH world title, in a fight without honor

Is it Cole’s time again or will Briscoe retain in the match he wanted at @ringofhonor #FinalBattle14

Already an exposed chair shot to the head and a staple gun at #FinalBattle14 . This is going to be a SICK match.

Briscoe just MANNED up and ripped the staples out of his own head #FinalBattle14

Cole is in trouble #FinalBattle14

The whole crew is out to clean up Cole and Briscoe isn’t having it #FinalBattle14

It’s a playground right now #FinalBattle14

Briscoe is down #FinalBattle14

Coles turn to go through a table via a DVD #FinalBattle14

Cole just shoved tacks in Brisoces mouth and super kicked him for two #FinalBattle14

COLE IN THE TACKS and spiked with a jay driller for TWO #FinalBattle14

Briscoe wins with another Jay Driller onto the ROH belt and retains at #FinalBattle14

Cole WILL get the belt back in 2015, no doubt. But this style of match is Briscoes to win.

The aftermath of #FinalBattle14

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