Tuesday Raw Roundtable: Slammy Awards 2014, John Cena vs. The Big Show

WWE presents the 2014 Slammy’s in the go-home edition of Monday Night Raw

Here are some of the staff’s thoughts!


Daniel Bryan got robbed, both in Match of the Year and Superstar of the Year. At least his feud with The Authority won Rivalry of the Year, but still…

Justin Czerwonka

Nothing about this show really made me want to watch TLC. They’ve taken everything from Survivor Series and broke it into separate singles programs. I expected that, however. Decemeber is typically when the WWE gets into a holding pattern. Nothing big really ever happenes, and the WWE is just waiting to get into Wrestlemania season. That’s why we get what we get in December. Hopefully we can all survive these next few weeks and get into the Royal Rumble. There was no good wrestling on the show as well, and that is in large part to the Slammy format. I’m going to give the show a 2. The WWE is struggling right now.


It still bothers me that in the era of three hour Raw, they still do a full overrun… Cena/Big Show didn’t even start until 11pm. How is it possible they can’t fit the dull, lifeless show into a 3 hour window? by the end its just such a relief to turn off the show since it’s finally over. I liked AJ Lee’s awkward hug with Jerry Lawler. I liked in the very beginning when they showed Cena and Show looking badass similar to the WWE 2K15 ad. The show is a snooze. There is no way in the universe that Roman Reigns came in the top 3 of the voting let alone won for Superstar of the Year.


Tonight’s edition of Raw was very baffling. The Slammy’s seemed to all make sense, except for Roman, of course…however I think he was the biggest face NOT named Cena, so it’s quite possible that this award was legit (even if it was odd that Roman was there to accept). Snub of the Slammy’s, however is The Shield vs. The Wyatts at Elimination Chamber for Match of the Year. Aside from that a very forgettable night. Confused why they would bring in Charlotte to lose while promoting that NXT special, proving that the main roster is still superior to the farm team. Rowen vs. Harper could have been saved for a storyline. And the show ends in a beat down that could have just been a repeat of the go home show for Survivor Series.


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