JR Blog: Surprised Reigns Won, Ziggler Jobbing To Rollins, Charlotte Flair

Jim Ross had a post Raw edition of his blog, here are some highlights

on Ziggler/Rollins
I had no issue with Ziggler losing to the new, top, WWE villain Seth Rollins especially with Mercury and Noble at ringside. Ziggler is building and his fans are solidly behind him which is great that they’ve been patient. I like veteran wrestlers Noble and Mercury role in WWE and think that they add to the process. Plus, it’s fun to see two guys who paid plenty of dues get one more run with the ball.

on Charlotte Flair
Really high on Charlotte while Nattie has made herself into a top star by being a loyal, talented team player. That’s how it’s done. The lower the maintenance the better. If more talents simply focused on doing their job and getting better each day than becoming immersed in BS & locker room drama everything generally works better. Charlotte can be a difference maker if she can continue to focus on improving her game and not allow outside distractions to affect her. BTW I was surprised that Charlotte lost in Flair Country.

on Roman Reigns
Surprised to see Roman Reigns win the Superstar of the Year but happy to see him looking closer to being ready. I hope he has some matches off TV before he returns to RAW, etc.

on CM Punk/UFC
Punk note…for those wondering how UFC is going to utilize Punk considering that he has approximately 6 months to train before his first UFC fight, I find that an easy answer to provide anyone who’s interested. UFC has plenty of TV programming to produce and documenting Punk’s journey from time to time will make good TV programming. That’s a win….just ask Fox Sports. Just like dating, at times the journey is greater than the end result which in this case will be Punk’s first, UFC fight. For anyone that doesn’t see how Punk has ALREADY been a success in UFC, then they are in need of a marketing/promotion class.

Check out the full blog at JR’s BBQ

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