Comics Nexus Flashback 12/11/2004: Leave Your Spandex At the Door, The Roundtable

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Leave Your Spandex At the Door: G-MAN interview

Welcome to the 43rd installment of Leave Your Spandex @t the Door, the WEEKLY (I can finally say it and mean it) column that educates, entertains, and has a cool logo!

This week saw the release of Chris Giarusso’s G-MAN one-shot from IMAGE COMICS. G-Man premiered in COMIC BITS, a one-page feature on the back of SAVAGE DRAGON comics. This 64-page one-shot finally reveals G-MAN’s origin in a new 34-page story, and also collects the entire run of the COMIC BITS strips. It came out to comics stores this Wednesday, and it’s the funniest comic I’ve read all year! I sat down (virtually, at least) with G-MAN and BULLPEN BITS creator Chris Giarusso to talk about his career and his new comic:

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The Roundtable

Chris Columbus to direct Sub-Mariner movie. (Credit: Variety)

Benjamin Nagy: (Nexus reviewer) I really can’t get too excited about the Sub-Mariner movie because, honestly, the best Sub-Mariner stories involve the Fantastic Four and/or Doom. I hate to think what moviegoers unfamiliar with the character are going to think after the first trailer: “Wow, he’s like, Mr. Spock, but he swims!”

Iain Burnside: (your Roundtable host) Yeah, I just can’t understand why they are bothering to make a movie about him when he would be far better suited to Fantastic Four 2 (should such a project ever arise). Then they could get The Rock to play him and all would have been right with the world. I mean, really, if they wanted to make a movie about a supporting character, couldn’t they at least have picked an interesting one, like Hawkeye or Mystique?

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