Pulse TV Flashback 12/11/2004: Wife Swap- The Real Guilty Pleasure

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Riding Coattails: Wife Swap- The Real Guilty Pleasure

What do Wife Swap, my ex-boyfriend from college, and gooey cupcakes all have in common? Well, try as I might to get away from all three, they keep popping up in my life. OK, maybe I could be making more of a concentrated effort to avoid the first and third items on the list, but the second thing is the result of a huge pool of mutual friends who keep getting married and throwing parties and stuff. Anyway, nevermind about him. And nevermind that I just baked four dozen chocolate cupcakes with every intention of freezing them and bringing them to holiday parties in the coming weeks. What’s this in the fridge? A vat of heavenly homemade fudge frosting? How did this get here? Did the maintenance guy leave this by accident when he installed my carbon monoxide detector this week? Oh, nevermind already.

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