Comics Nexus Flashback 12/12/2004: 9 Reviews – Action Comics #822, Gotham Central #26, Nightwing #100

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100 Bullets #56 Review

The issue begins with Wylie disposing of Gabe’s body, as he flashes back to the infamous last act of the Minutemen in Atlantic City. There we see Milo, Victor, Cole and Wylie discussing what they’re going to do and what they’ve done. It’s a familiar scene to those who’ve been reading since issue #1, and it’s really fleshed out.

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Action Comics #822 Review

I’ve always enjoyed this book. I didn’t come into it hating Chuck Austin as a lot of people did, so I really liked it. I thought the wisecracking Superman was fine. I agreed with Jerry Seinfeld that along with super stregnth, super speed, and the rest, Superman would have super-wit.

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Gotham Central #26 Review

I’m reluctant to go into much of the plot in this review, because the issue is beautifully written, neatly bringing several sub-plots into the mix, while still (2-part arc, remember?) providing plenty of story for the interested reader to hang his (or her) hat on.

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Nightwing #100 Review

Way back in Nightwing #93 the new Tarantula killed Blockbuster, while Nightwing did nothing to stop it. In all fairness Blockbuster probably deserved to die. However members of the Bat-family don’t kill, and do everything they can to prevent death. Thus Dick Grayson has been struggling with his inaction ever since.

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Emma Frost #18 Review

A year and a half ago, a book started with little fanfare. It started with the Tsunami logo in the corner, but soon ditched that in order to be seen as more of a mainstream title. It was the story of what happens when a spoiled little rich girl gets powers and us X-fans know that when she grows up – she will run the gamut from being a Dominatrix Clad White Queen to the Dominatrix Clad school matriarch.

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Hulk/Thing: Hard Knocks #4 Review

This is an incredibly difficult review because, on the one hand, this is the best installment of this four issue miniseries. Yet, on the other, I can’t friggin’ believe that four issues led up to THIS? I can conceive a lot of fairly spectacular ways to waste my time, but I don’t think I’d resent any of them as much as I resent my experience reading this mini.

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District X #8 Review

When District X started, it was swiftly called a “poor man’s” Gotham Central. I think the book has evolved past those sentiments now, and is really coming into its own. Each month, I’m treated to a fascinating story about mutants, and what you “don’t see.”

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Doctor Spectrum #4 Review

I thought that Supreme Power was a great series. I still do. When I heard that after issue #12 it was going on a hiatus, I was disappointed. But then I was told that there was going to be a Doctor Spectrum mini to get me thru that time. So that was cool.

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Powers #7 Review

Lately, on the forum boards (you should go check them out), there has been some loud and abrasive arguments about the writing of Brian Michael Bendis. It is true that the bigger someone gets, the more they will be questioned – but one point I’ve noticed that has not been refuted once, is that Powers is a great book. The people that aren’t reading it aren’t commenting, and the people that are, won’t say otherwise – because it is. Powers is, pound for pound, one of the most fun stories in comics today.

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An Open Letter

To Mark Millar and any other concerned parties,

I’ve had some words in the past about how you shamelessly self-promote yourself to a degree that would make Stan Lee blush. Despite this, I’ve tried being nice in the past about Marvel Knights: Spider-Man, because as much as I have not enjoyed the series I’ve read enough good work from you in the past to forgive one bad story. I’ve tried to shrug MK:SM off as a short story that wouldn’t really affect anything.

After this week, I can no longer do that.

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