Pulse TV Flashback 12/12/2004: Survivor Vanuatu Finale Spoilers, Live Coverage

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[Spoiler] Inside Pulse Survivor Finale Picks

Tough finale night for the Ball. It promises to be a drama-filled tribal council and that’s about all the Ball is sure of.

Anyway, you know why you are here. You know why you have chosen the Ball to look into and now the Ball speaketh.

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Live Survivor: Vanuatu Coverage

Welcome to the final episode of Survivor: Vanuatu! I’m Michaelangelo, your chauffeur for the final hours of the ninth season of Survivor. Hopefully, we will all be treated to a fun final four. So let’s get started!

We begin with a recap of the first 36 days. Man, I totally forgot about most of these people. Who the hell was Dolly? Seeing Rory getting cut again sucks. I totally dug that guy. And will Sarge’s decision to cut John K. go down as one of the all-time biggest miscalculations in Survivor history? Watching the recap makes it all the more amazing that Chris made it to the final four. I think you had better chances of hitting the lottery than predicting that.

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Murtz Jaffer To Break Down Survivor Vanuatu Friday Morning

Murtz Jaffer will be appearing on the Z103.5 morning show in-studio. He will be answering questions about the finale of Survivor Vanuatu starting at 7 AM Eastern. Questions can be asked by e-mailing morningshow@z1035.com

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