JR Blog: NXT Takeover, Kevin Owens Debut, NXT Announcing Thoughts

Jim Ross watched the NXT Takeover special and blogged about his thoughts

on NXT Takeover
Enjoyed Thursday night’s NXT two hour special a great deal. The two hour show buzzed by quicker than a hiccup in one of the best produced wrestling shows I’ve seen in a long while. The show had a great start with the debut of Kevin Owens and ended with a startling and shocking close with Owens turning on his long time friend from Quebec Sami Zayn moments after new NXT Champion Zayn won the title from Adrian Neville in a helluva wrestling match.

on Kevin Owens Debut
Owens is a keeper and has a uniquely, physical style that I like. Finn Balor had as memorable an entrance as I can recall in years. Neville vs Zayn could well challenge any thing we see at TLC….I hope the main roster was watching. Competition is knocking on their door. Charlotte vs. Sasha was crisp and well executed. Charlotte is getting so good that it could be scary in time. Sasha has a natural ‘attitude’ which is marketable. Great stuff from start to finish of this show.

on NXT announcing
I especially thought the announcers were excellently prepared and did a superb job all night. Nice to see Corey Graves get an opportunity to contribute as a broadcaster considering that concussion issues have curtailed his wrestling career. Cory got off to a great start and complimented his partners well. I admit that I’m often times too critical of pro wrestling announcing but Thursday night was a pleasure with which to listen.

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