Survivor: San Juan Del Sur – Episode 13 Power Rankings

I had a multitude of feelings running through me as I watched the penultimate episode of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur. Anger though, is what best summarizes my emotions towards the episode. Was I angry that my favorite castaway was blindsided at tribal council? Of course I was. Was I angry that the producers make-shifted a hurricane, which led to Jon losing the immunity challenge? You bet I was. Was I angry that Jon won the reward challenge, got yelled at by his girlfriend for being happy about it, and then gave up his reward to Baylor, of all people? Hell yes! But what angered me the most about this episode had nothing to do with the 6 remaining castaways vying for the title of sole Survivor. I was seething with rage that I never knew I was getting screwed over by the spa I have frequented for nearly 6 years.  Vеnuѕ Versa get treatments from the Laser Hair Removal Adelaide to rеduсе hаіr grоwth аt thе source with mіnіmаl оr nо раіn аnd nо rесоvеrу tіmе. All ѕkіn tуреѕ аrе соmраtіblе wіth thе laser hair removal procedure, аnd nеаrlу еvеrу аrеа on the fасе аnd bоdу саn bе trеаtеd. SPA FOOD?!?!?!?! At Bloom Aesthetics Medspa you will get a best  cosmetic treatment with Botox and skincare therapy treatments. Seared steak, brownies, and cookies are spa food?!?! I have been paying a pretty penny for my semi-annual visits to Norwich Spa at Foxwoods (ask for Rebecca, she is amazing) for quite some time now, and the only “spa food” I have ever received was maybe an apple that I snatched from a bowl of fruit in the mens’ locker room, and some cold mini water bottles from the refrigerator. Spa salons are spas specialise in spa treatments which may include holistic therapy or Reiki. Spa treatments are not exclusive to spa salons; in fact, some beauty salons, in addition to offering conventional services such as hairdressing or threading for hair removal, can also perform spa treatments. day spa salons in some cities like San Diego, California, for example, is also well known for its spa relaxation massage services. These salons are located in around the city and it makes them easily accessible which means that clients do not have to take off from work to be able to visit them. Popping in one of these salons for a quick relaxation massage is not uncommon; it can even be done during the lunch break. People can just leave the spa salons completely revitalized instantly with no discomfort at all. Massage services in these spa salons around San Diego, California are great because people are hardly have the time to treat themselves to the delights offered by these services. It is also time saving because there is no need to travel away from the city just to have spa treatments at these salons. The massage treatments are fabulous because they are all natural. There is no need to worry about the side effect from using fragrant essential oils, organic beauty products, home-made potions and other very natural and effective products. The masseurs are professionals who really know what they do and how to rejuvenate clients’ body and mind. Beside massage services, another popular service with these salons is waxing. To be precise, it is the Brazilian waxing which is very popular with celebrities and fashionistas. It is well known for its long lasting and aesthetic results. Many spa salons owners claim that clients coming to spa salons to have Brazilian waxing are getting more frequent and younger. This service could make the salons stand out above and beyond other competitors because it may be one service that gives the salons its unique selling point.

I feel cheated.

I am also quite pissed Jon has been voted out.

Jeff Probst’s Spa Food

My Spa Food

(In Survivor Memorium)

How I looked when Jon was voted off. And the day after I drink too much wine.

The only solace I have in Jon’s elimination is the fact that I have seen this coming for the past few weeks. While this was not a huge surprise to me, it still stings that he got voted off with an idol in his pocket. Jon has been my favorite since day 1 despite the fact that I am not sure if he became my favorite because I was drawn to his humor and kind-hearted spirit, or if it is because I simply did not really like anybody else. Week after week, however, he confirmed why he was my favorite, as he is competitive, but not malicious, has a solid sense of humor, and loves wine. Also, his forgiveness for his alliance voting him off was classy and it takes a real man to admit he was outplayed.  He is basically a slightly less perfect me. But just slightly.

Hopefully he has done enough to secure his spot on a future season, and they better have stocked the jury house with the finest of wines from all over the world, as he deserves absolutely nothing less.

(The remaining castaways in order of the likelihood of being the sole Survivor.)

5. Jaclyn

This is how I imagine Jaclyn will be spending the rest of her time on Survivor.

I am extremely confident that there is not a final 3, or a final 2 scenario that would have Jaclyn coming out on top. Her confidence this week became cockiness as she stated at tribal council that “her or Jon were not going anywhere.” There is nothing a bitter jury hates more than cockiness and self-righteousness. If Jaclyn miraculously wins two immunities in a row and is in the final three, the jury will more than likely declare that she rode Jon’s coat-tail through the game, and she will receive exactly one vote; Jon’s. Although Alec may send a vote Jaclyn’s way should he believe it would increase his chances of hanging out in Orlando with him post show.

Bottom line: Jaclyn’s chances of winning Survivor are about as good as they were after episode 3 when nobody even knew who she was yet.

4. Baylor

How Baylor will look as Probst is reading the votes for the winner and Baylor sees her mothers name written more than hers.

At this point I don’t see a single jury member voting for Baylor when she is in the final 3. But, she will be sitting there, that is for certain. I am sure we will hear the jury complain about choosing between the lesser of two evils, and if they are forced to choose between Baylor or her mother, they would rather have Missy win than Baylor.

Bottom line: The ONLY way Baylor can win is if she is in the final 3 with Jaclyn and Missy and before Probst reads the votes for the winner, Missy declares that she has legally changed Baylor’s name to Missy, and she has legally changed her own name to her twitter handle, “looking4luv4.”

3. Missy

Missy, at the final tribal council, begging the jury to vote for Baylor.

Missy has played a great game, and if she was just a bit more likable, she would have this in the bag. Unfortunately, for Missy, she does not seem to be that likable, and that will cost her a million dollars. She may get a few votes to win depending on which of the final 5 is on the jury, but unless she is against Jaclyn and Baylor, she, too, stands no chance at winning the game.

This week, however, she did impress me with her determination to push through her pain. There is no doubt about Missy is a fighter; which may also explain her 3 failed attempts at marriage.

2. Keith

The face of a champion? Quite possibly.

Keith is two immunity challenges away from winning Survivor. If he is in the final 3, he wins. Hands down, no questions asked. And the only thing that stands in his way of winning those two immunities is one half of the most famous Sri-Lankan-American twinnies of all time; Natalie. Keith already has votes from Josh, Reed, Alec, Wes, and the only person that could even give him a run for his money in terms of receiving votes is Natalie. It is unlikely, however, that Natalie and Keith will both be in the final three. Jaclyn will likely be fifth place, and Natalie or Keith will be fourth place, with the other one winning the game against the mother-daughter duo.

1. Natalie

Natalie, sexing it up for the jury.

The entire season will come down to the final 4 immunity challenge. Natalie and Keith will battle it out, and the winner will not only get a ticket to the finals, they will win Survivor: San Juan Del Sur. It will literally be a million dollar immunity challenge, and I am leaning more towards a Natalie victory. The only way Natalie does not win this game is if Keith beats her in the final immunity, which is certainly possible, but not likely.

Am I angry with Natalie for being the driving force behind voting out my boy Jon? Of course. But, does she deserve to win this game? Absolutely.

As I predicted a few weeks ago, not only do I expect Natalie to win Survivor: San Juan Del Sur, I expect her to be asked back for a “Fans Vs. Favorites” or “All Star” season, and win that as well. This girl is that good. If I am ever on a “Fans Vs. Favorites” season with her, she will be my number one ally. Yes, she is loyal (except to Jon and Jaclyn), but much more importantly, she lets her allies finish her wine on reward challenges. Now THAT is someone I want on my side.

Finale predictions:

Final 5 Immunity – Keith

Fifth Place – Jaclyn

Final 4 Immunity – Natalie

4th Place – Keith

Final 3 – Missy, Baylor, Natalie

Jury Votes:

Josh – Natalie

Jeremy – Natalie

Wes – Natalie

Reed – Natalie

Alec – Baylor

Jon – Missy

Jaclyn – Missy

Keith – Natalie

3rd Place – Baylor

2nd Place – Missy

Winner of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur: Natalie

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