Pulse Movies Flashback 12/14/2004: Spider-Man 2 – DVD Review

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Three New Projects for Disney

Mandeville Films managed to get their long-delayed Swiss Family Robinson going, with the help of scribe Greg Poirier. His first draft about the shipwrecked Swiss family, based on the Johann David Wyss book that takes place in the 1800s, prompted the studio to set a star date. The original 1960 adaptation starred Disney regulars John Mills, Dorothy McGuire and James MacArthur.

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Trailer News on Worlds, Batman

The teaser trailer for Paramount\’s The War of the Worlds starring Tom Cruise, Mirando Otto, Tim Robbins, and Dakota Fanning is now online. The Steven Spielberg-directed adaptation of the novel by H.G. Wells opens in theaters nationwide on June 29th.

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Spider-Man 2 – DVD Review

What makes a good superhero movie? Extravagant superpowers and special effects? Latex outfits? Not hardly. The character. The character makes the film. That’s why the first installments of Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man were so successful. After time, however, studios would dilute the product – the result being a mediocre film or a total abomination. Thankfully, Spider-Man 2 doesn’t follow tradition.

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Madonna in Revolver

It’s being reported today that Madonna will appear in husband’s Guy Ritchie new film, Revolver. Scenes that feature her are said to have already been shot secretly on the Isle of Man.

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