Comics Nexus Flashback 12/15/2004: Bloodhound #6, JSA #68, Nightcrawler #3, Aquaman #25, Who’s Who DCU, Marvel Handbook

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Marvel Handbook

Daron old buddy I will say this much, I’ve been very busy with the Handbook. We’ve got plenty of content for this issue. I even had to save a few for next week.

That’s Excellent Jim. So I guess the readers have forgiven you for all your prior transgressions and what not. Either that or they all just want to talk to me…

Either way lets get to it.

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The Overlord’s Corner 2.0

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Corner. As some of you may have noticed, we had some technical difficulties over at 144Anima this past week (what with the servers being down all weekend), so we weren’t able to post a new strip. With that being the case I’ve decided to run a couple of my favorite strips this week. We should have a NEW strip up next week.

The two strips I’ve chosen for this week’s “best of” were written by Inside Pulse’s very own Alex Lucard. Even though I haven’t yet been able to convince Alex to write a sequel to his wonderfully funny 2-part story, I’m sure you all will enjoy his first foray into comic strip writing as much as we did.

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Bloodhound #6 Review

Dan Jolley weaves another engaging yarn about Travis Clevenger, DC’s “Bloodhound” (the series’ title only, not his nom de guerre), and life behind bars in the DC Universe (DCU).

The events of the last few issues have left Clev recuperating behind bars. That’s a strength of this book: all actions have real consequences. Clev’s broken forearm is in a cast and healing while his skin is regenerating after some severe burns. This is the price for doing what’s right. Its the “real” cost of heroism.

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Who’s Who In The DCU (12/16/04)

(Before we start I’d like to not the passing of Bob Haney. He passed away Thanksgiving Day. He co-created the original Teen Titans, Eclipso, Metamorpho and The Doom Patrol. During the Silver Age, he worked on nearly every DC character. His contributions to the genre can’t be measured. He will be missed.)

I’d be lying if I said that I was completely used to the new schedule. My Monday’s feel so empty. Plus I’m still in shock over the fate of Stringer Bell on HBO’s The Wire

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JSA #68 Review

Yet fan favorite Geoff Johns apparently loves these kinds of stories. In the current “Titans Tomorrow” arc we’re seeing the Titans confront dark corrupted counterparts of themselves. Meanwhile in the latest arc of JSA we see the DC Universe’s oldest (and in my opinion best) team of superheroes confronting simultaneous threats from both the past and the present. This appears to be the third time travel based arc of Johns run on the title.

This is just an observation, not a complaint.

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Marvel Knights Spiderman #9 Review

Millar’s Spiderman run nears its end as the story of Aunt May’s abduction goes in the most contrived direction possible. Basically Norman “Green Goblin” Osborn is to blame, having activated a revenge scheme from jail. He’s leaked Spiderman’s identity to the Scorpion (who serves as Norman’s mouthpiece for this issue) and now unless Spidey busts Norman out of jail, Scorp will kill May.

The issue deals a mighty blow to Millar’s Spidey run by taking it into the one direction fans don’t want to see it go in. Norman Osborn has been used and abused as a character by writers who rush to blame him for every single problem in Spidey’s life. It’s gotten to the point where I wish they would just kill him again to end this stupidity. The fact that this revelation comes on the heels of JMS’s recent crapfest in Amazing Spiderman adds to the salt being poured into the wound.

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The Batman/Judge Dredd Files Review

DC Comics despite a reputation for unimaginative conservativism with its mainstream publishing has in the past year made moves to build on Vertigo in its efforts to reach out to non-superhero comic audiences with a Manga division and publishing deals with France’s (booo!) Humanoids and Britain’s Rebellion. Now as readers of my many reviews of 2000AD will know Rebellion is the current publisher of 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine so the deal marked yet another attempt to market Dredd and co to the yanks. It was also another chapter in the long running business relationship between DC and 2000AD Group, a relationship that began with the first Judge Dredd/Batman crossover that was finally published in 1991. It’s therefore apt that their new collaboration is begun with a reprinting of three (of the four) Batman/Judge Dredd crossovers.

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Spectacular Spider-Man #22 Review

Two issues ago I was ready to drop this title because of the nonsensical “Changes” storyline. At the end of said storyline, Peter had developed the ability to shoot organic webs from his wrists (like in the movies), became a lot more muscular, had his Spider-Sense increased and for some reason developed the ability to talk to ants. Spiders, I can get… but ants?

But I’m a Jenkins fan so I decided to give him another issue. Last issue didn’t reference Peter’s new powers at all, being a silly story involving a superhero poker game that just proved that it is possible to do comics with comedy still. So now we come to this issue. The one that would decide if I stick with this title until the end…

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Nightcrawler #3 Review

“The Devil Inside” advances, as Nightcrawler continues to investigate the mysterious deaths of 13 children. Demons, possession, X-Men, and an enigmatic child are just some of the prominent features of this book.

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Bullseye: Greatest Hits #4 Review

So I have reviewed every issue of this mini since it started. As a result, I have a bit of paranoia about them all sounding the same. So, let me just get the basics out of the way first and then we’ll try something a bit different. Basics: Dillon is still just drawing the heck out of this book, especially the facial expressions. His Bullseye in costume though is oddly disappointing, can’t place my finger on why. Way writes a great sociopathic Bullseye, both past and present. Way makes Poindexter so grounded that his twisted outlook becomes more frightening. He is not (except for one moment) a giggling madman that can simply be discounted as “crazy.” Instead, his insanity is masked by the utter ease with which he speaks of it.

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GI Joe Reloaded #10 Review

This is what I have been waiting for. I was so delighted when I found out Chuck Dixon was going to be writing this book. It seemed nothing less than perfect to me. I am certainly Dixon-biased, but this issue did not disappoint at all.

I have been bummed out by the series up until now. It fell short of expectations, being simply was not as good as it could have been. But now, that has all changed (as Dixon writes on the final page too!).

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Aquaman #25 Review

The issue opens with an underwater underworld figure holding court. As he receives a package from the surface via a courier the anticipation builds. The package is revealed as containing drugs, much to the delight of those around.

Elsewhere Lorena and Aquaman swim and discuss the need for recreation, particularly after dealing with a tragedy. Then Lorena notices the courier leaving, payment in hand. She mistakes him for a looter from the surface and attacks.

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Angeltown #2 Review

Last issue Nate Hollis, a P.I., took the case of Theo Burnett a basketball star whose ex-wife turned up dead. Hollis’ was also mourning the anniversary of the death of his father. While “entertaining” a “friend” Hollis got a call from someone claiming to be Burnett. The call ended with what Hollis thought was a gunshot.

The issue begins with Hollis entering a dark house looking for Theo. Unfortunately for Hollis, inside the house are friends of some guys he beat up last issue. Unfortunately for them Hollis came prepared. Using a flare and a crowbar Hollis goes to work.

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