Pulse TV Flashback 12/15/2004: Survivor: Vanuatu Finale, Spike TV Video Game Awards

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Riding Coattails: The Family Jules

Although the winner of Survivor: Vanuatu has already been declared (congrats, Chris), I’d like to devote this entire column to the second to last episode and pour out my feelings about the finale next week. There was enough cooking at camp and on Mount Yasur to ponder for the time being (and yes, I’m feeling a little lazy and suffering a case of post-season depression).

First of all, Twila’s behavior after the gang voted off Ami and returned to camp was absolutely appalling. I predicted that her mouth had just landed her on the jury in fifth or fourth place at the very best. Cursing at people and talking to them like they’re coated in poo is something that should be reserved for child molesters, terrorists, Yanni concert ticket holders, and Bush supporters. Now, I have no solid evidence that Julie and Eliza lie outside these groups, but they seem intelligent and reasonable enough to warrant the benefit of the doubt on this matter. Once Twila started running her mouth, I knew she was in serious trouble with those two. Conveniently, however, her trash talking didn’t seem to offend Scout and Chris in the least and they were the only two people in the game she needed to avoid irking.

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Spike TV Video Game Awards Recap

We are Live from wherever this is being filmed from!

Show starts of with Ludacris, Method Man, Redman and company open up the show rapping. Method and Red get a couple words censored right away and are escorted out along the walkway by some guys I guess are supposed to look thuggish but instead look retarded. Some are mock fighting and I think this is supposed to be a homage to Def Jam: Fight For New York, but that is some seriously weak mock fighting. Looked more like a scene from an all male bath house than anything else. I start drinking here because it looks like this show is going to suck, and I’ve got nothing better to do. Some guys start breakdancing or having a stroke. Moving on.

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Romo’s World: How Real is Reality TV?

Hello everyone. I am temporarily taking over the weekly flagship for Diane Falconi who will return in January.

Here are some random thoughts about several shows I watched, most of them are featured on Tuesday nights.

Survivor: Vanuatu Finale

I was glad Chris won. Not so much that I liked Chris but that Amy created such a man/woman divide that I felt like I was forced to root for Chris. Normally I don’t root for people on reality shows based on gender but this season of Survivor was split down gender lines because in part of Amy. Some people talk about how Amy was such a great player but I was so turned off by what I saw as her “man-hating” that I can’t give her any credit for how she played. Even her voting in the finale seemed to be based solely on gender.

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Recapped: Desperate Housewives – Episode 9

John Duran here again, sometimes tardy but always arriving to party with the latest recap of Desperate Housewives. The advantage of being somewhat late with these recaps–and the disadvantage of being bogged down with work–is that I get to see the ratings for Desperate Housewives before posting the actual recap. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the ratings for this episode are not available as I’m writing this. So much for that.

On with the recap!

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Bob’s Amazing Thoughts: Is This The Sausage Factory?

Now, grab as many beers as you can, and go rudely interupt the patrons of the bar and check under beers for their coaster. Oh, and make sure you take of few sips of the beer. Somewhere, on one of these coaster, are my thoughts on this week’s episode…

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The Eyes—Survivor Vanuatu Wrap-Up

Ladies and gentlemen, SURVIVOR: VANUATU has officially come to an end! As if you hadn’t heard already.

As unbelievable as it seems, a male won the game. Leading up to it, everyone was predicting that Chris had a good shot with the latest shake-up and everything, but I wonder if anyone stopped to ponder what that would really mean. I know I didn’t until it was all over with.

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