WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results For 12/15/14: Chris Jericho Guest Hosts

It’s the RAW after a forgettable TLC show. Chris Jericho is the guest host. We are also expecting the return of Brock Lesnar to WWE TV tonight to start his feud with John Cena. What will be different between these two this time around? Follow along to find out!

Does Chris Jericho Look In The Mirror While Getting Dressed?

RAW started with Chris Jericho. Jericho talked about Fandango taking his Slammy award last week. He demanded Fandango come out and give him the award. Instead, Paul Heyman came out. Heyman complained about Jericho being put in charge of RAW and said that why not put someone like him, with a spectacular record, in charge. Heyman said that he knows about Extreme and he is the father of it. Jericho said that Heyman owed him $200. Jericho picked on Heyman but Heyman said he is not a fighter he is an advocate. Heyman said he wanted to talk to Seth Rollins about his failure for not taking John Cena out of the title picture last night.

Heyman went on before Seth Rollins came out. Rollins confronted Heyman and Heyman took a step back. Rollins said Heyman saw him put Cena through a table and an official raise his hand. Rollins said he would’ve won at Survivor Series if it wasn’t for Sting, and he would’ve won last night if it wasn’t for Roman Reigns. Rollins said Cena can’t beat him alone and called him a coward. He said if Cena is the man who he thinks he is, then Cena will accept his challenge. Rollins wants a rematch, but not tonight. Only when he is good and ready.

John Cena then came to the ring. Cena told him to go in the corner “kid,” and that he’s whining and complaining and making excuses, and that means he hasn’t become a man yet. He said a real man dusts himself off and continues to fight, even if that is against a beast. Cena said he still showed up looking for a fight tonight. Cena said he can’t make matches, so tonight, he does need help. He turned to Jericho and he made a rematch with Seth Rollins for later tonight inside a cage.

Rollins said Jericho was the worst GM ever and said Jericho was jealous of him. Rollins said Jericho couldn’t beat the janitor or popcorn guy or Paul Heyman. Jericho said he thinks he could beat Paul Heyman. Heyman agreed and said to change the subject. Instead, he made himself vs Paul Heyman and left what type of match it would be up to an App vote.

About That Rowan Push…

Luke Harper and Big Show vs Erik Rowan and Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler landed some early strikes and hit a dropkick. He went for a DDT but Show threw Ziggler away. Show hit a few chest slaps and a kick to the gut. Show tossed Ziggler to the outside and just made it back to the ring before the ten count.

Back from break the heels were still in control over Ziggler. Ziggler caught Harper with a boot then moved out of the way of a Harper charge and tagged in Rowan. Rowan hit a few clotheslines then a full nelson slam for two. Harper tagged in Big Show but he ate a spin kick. Ziggler and Harper brawled to the outside. Suddenly in the ring, Rowan turned around into a KO Punch from Big Show to give his team the win.

WINNERS: Big Show and Luke Harper

Backstage, Jericho told Fandango that when he is done with Paul Heyman, he’s going to dance all over his face and take his Slammy back.

Natalya and Alicia Fox defeated The Bella Twins.

The Ryback Express

Rusev and Lana came out for the Highlight Reel. Lana said if Jericho had any intelligent questions, she will give them the honor to ask. Jericho asked why Lana is so angry all the time. He asked the same about Rusev. He said Rusev should release some stress, like show Lana his sputnik. Jericho said he struck a nerve and there is a thing going on between those two. Jericho sang “Rusev and Lana sitting in a tree.” He made some more corny jokes before calling Lana a communist tramp and Lana telling him to shut up. Rusev said Jericho talks to much and he should crush him now. Jericho said he doesn’t need to fight him, but he knows someone in the back that wants to.

Ryback came out to the ring and had a stare down with Rusev. Rusev backed away and left.

New Day Needs A Gimmick Change, Already

Goldust and Stardust vs Xaiver Woods and Big E. Woods hit a dropkick and Big E came in and hit a clothesline. Goldust recovered on the outside then tagged in Stardust. Stardust caught Big E with a boot. But Big E caught Stardust coming off the top and hit some backbreakers. The New Day remained in control going into commercial. Back from break the Dust Brothers gained control over Big E. Big E caught Goldust with an elbow but then ran right into a Goldust spinebuster. The Dust Brothers took over control as the crowd began to turn on the match. Loud “CM Punk, NXT, and various other chants broke out. Big E eventually caught Goldust with an elbow then tagged in Xaiver Woods. Woods hit a few dropkicks, but a distraction by Stardust allowed Goldust to hit a powerslam. Xaiver hit an enziguri kick that send Goldust to the outside. Woods hit a swanton off Big E to the outside, then the New Day hit their finisher in the ring for the win.


Kane defeated Adam Rose. The Bunny tried to save Rose but Kane caught him and hit a double chokeslam. After the match, Kane hit a Tombstone on the Bunny.

Oh It’s That Guy

Paul Heyman came out for his match with Jericho. He said he has no tricks up his sleeve. He said he could say he is the Jew in Jujitsu but that isn’t the case. He said he knows this beating won’t be PG. But Heyman said he gave Jericho his first break. Heyman said he can’t believe he will fight him over $200. Heyman started to write a check but Jericho knocked it away and said he wanted to go the App. Out of the 3 exactly the same choices, a Street Fight was chosen. Heyman said he doesn’t think it’s fair that Jericho has to get into a fight, with Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar circled the ring then came in to stare down Jericho. Jericho went for a Codebreaker but Lesnar tossed him away then hit the F5.

No Drop The Mic Roman!!!

Fandango was bragging about keeping Jericho’s Slammy. Roman Reigns came out and hit a Super Man Punch followed by a Spear. Before Reigns could say anything, Big Show came out. Reigns said if Big Show came down to the ring, he would hit him in the mouth. Show said he would like to see him try pretty boy. Show said he was going to put Reigns back on the injured reserve list. Reigns caught Show with a Superman Punch while he was on the apron. Big Show flipped out and kicked the steps before retreating.

All Miz Wanted To Do Was Be A Nice Guy

Jimmy Uso vs The Miz. Miz bailed to the outside multiple times before eating a powerslam. Jimmy hit a few Flair slaps and punches as Mizdow sold on the outside. Jimmy caught Miz with an uppercut off the top. Jimmy went for a baseball slide dropkick but Miz moved and landed a kick to the face. Miz connected on a neckbreaker for two. Jimmy started a comeback and hit a dive to the outside followed by a crossbody off the top in the ring. Jimmy hit a Samoan Drop and Mizdow came in the ring and flopped as well. Jey hit Miz with the Slammy when the ref wasn’t looking and Jimmy hit the Splash off the top for the win.

WINNER: Jimmy Uso

Backstage, Miz told Naomi that he would give her the opportunity to showcase her skills on MizTV tomorrow on Main Event.

Seth Rollins was interviewed. He said he was going to finish what he started at TLC and teach John Cena a lesson he will never forget.

Remember When Cage Matches Had No Interference?

Main Event Time. Rollins went for an early escape but Cena stopped him. Rollins caught a charging Cena with a kick then tossed Cena into the cage. Rollins hit a forearm in the corner but Cena caught Rollins going for another one. He went to catapult Rollins into the cage but Rollins climbed up the cage. Cena stopped him then hit a bulldog off the top rope for two. Both men tried escaping. Rollins caught Cena with an elbow then a neckbreaker. Rollins hit the Turnbuckle Bomb for two going into commercial.

Back from break Cena went into CENA MODE. Cena went for the AA but he tossed Rollins into Mercury who was climbing the cage. Cena then hit the AA but only got a two. Noble tried holding the cage door shut on Cena but Cena shoved him off. Both men exchanged blows on top of the cage but Cena shoved Rollins off and hit the leg drop off the top for two. Both men tried escaping again. Rollins eventually shoved Cena away and hit a flying knee off the top for two. Rollins tossed Cena into the cage a few times but Cena eventually reversed one of those and tossed Rollins into the cage. Cena tried going through the door but Mercury closed the door on Cena. Rollins only got a two count. Rollins went for the Curb Stomp but Cena countered into the AA. Rollins used the ropes to choke Cena and break it. Rollins tried escaping with the help of Mercury and Noble but Cena pulled him back in. Noble tossed the MITB Briefcase in the ring. Rollins hit am enziguri kick. Rollins missed a shot with the MITB briefcase and clotheslined Rollins. Both men exchanged punches. Cena went for the AA but Rollins landed on his feet and hit Cena with the briefcase but only got two. Rollins went to climb out but Cena grabbed him a he hung from the outside. Cena pulled Rollins back in and hit an AA off the top rope.

As both men laid in the cage, Brock Lesnar came out. Lesnar hit three German suplexes on Cena followed by the F5. Lesnar looked at Rollins but pointed at Cena and told him to take the cover. Heyman shook the hand of Rollins and left with Lesnar. Rollins laughed then hit the Curb Stomp on Cena. Rollins then walked out of the cage to pick up the win.

WINNER: Seth Rollins


Roman Reigns: I’ve been a pretty big critic of Reigns but I didn’t mind how he was used tonight. It’s actually how he should be used. Short and make an impact. Keep his promo work minimal and let his impact moves to the talking. He’s eventually going to have to step up his game and expand as a performer, but for now this is how Reigns should be booked and let it evolve over time.

Brock Lesnar: If you want fans to remember how bad ass Lesnar can be, they did a good job of doing it. I’ll be interested to see what the dynamic is between Lesnar, Heyman and Rollins is going forward. They could be a unique group going forward.


Chris Jericho: I thought the use of Jericho was pretty poor tonight. His one liner jokes were almost as bad as John Cena’s. Then he makes a match with Paul Heyman and rips on Lana and Rusev for no reason, and he’s suppose to be the face? He should have been destroyed by Lesnar back when he left in September. Then that gives him a reason to want to fight Paul Heyman, only to again be attacked by Brock Lesnar.

Booking of Erick Rowan: The booking of Rowan just goes to show you how poorly the WWE Creative structure is right now. Rowan gets a rub from being on Team Cena, and looks to be in line for some sort of push. But then he loses to Big Show at TLC, then takes the fall in the tag match on RAW. I’m not saying Rowan was going to become a main eventer. But a win or two over Big Show would have helped out. But instead, the WWE needs to make Big Show strong again for Roman Reigns. Just shows you how the WWE doesn’t think ahead at all.

New Day vs Goldust/Stardust: There’s a reason the fans turned on this match as quickly as they did. It’s not because the wrestling was bad. It’s because the fans have no reason to care about either of these teams anymore. The New Day was given a weak gimmick that people didn’t care about. It’s why about half of RAW is just unwatchable. We aren’t given any reason to care about these guys at all.

The WWE’s creative direction is just a giant mess right now. Apparently, there was a talent only meeting backstage about not having any kind of silent protest about booking. What should happen is the whole roster should step into Vince’s office and demand sweeping changes throughout the product. And something like that is desperately needed. The main event was good and a couple other things were, but the overall show just fell flat and nothing of note really happened. I’ll give the show a 3.

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