Comics Nexus Flashback 12/16/2004: X4 #1 Review

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X4 #1 Review

There was a time that I didn’t curse the name Chris Claremont. There was a time when I didn’t yearn to ask him to watch a twelve hour marathon of Adult Swim so he may have some aspect of how kids today think. Maybe Adult Swim is a bad idea, but you get my drift… and yes, I’m leading up to a point.

Claremont wrote the first Fantastic Four vs. X-Men. That was what a crossover story was about! Fun, great characterization, and a kick ass story that makes sense to be told in the realm of the Fant 4 and the X-Men. So now, Akira Yoshida (Thor: Son of Asgard) is going to give his spin on what happens when Marvel’s First Family meets up with the folks who live in a world that hate and fear them. Be prepared, because after you read this… YOU WILL NEVER… EVER…BE THE SAME.

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Across The Pond: The Little People

No, no no, not Leprechauns or those quasi pornographic elves who were so popular back in the early nineties (prompting my sister to call comics “sick books with elves”). I mean ordinary people, working stiffs as the Americans might say. You and me. People who are not superheroes or politicians.

This title was prompted by a stroke of good luck that saw me pick up about thirty-six issues of Garth Ennis and John McRea`s `Hitman`. Is there anyone who doesn’t know this? Well, for those who came in late, as they say in The Phantom, Hitman is a story about a thuggish Irish-American hitman who is bitten by an alien vampire thing. He survives this but is left with x-ray vision and telepathy, although the telepathy gives him a headache and he doesn’t use it very often. He continues being a hitman, although he prefers to hit only super people, `metahumans` as one of the characters calls them. The comic is a hoot and a holler, cheerfully taking the piss out of vampires, super-heroes, giant dinosaurs and other staples of the world of comics. Incidentally, the dinosaur stuff is a very funny take on the old 2000 AD story `Flesh` and its` various sequels.

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