Forever Heel: Brock Lesnar is Allowed to be an Absent Champ

A lot of fans are still whining about Brock Lesnar’s current title reign. I could write a non-kayfabe article about the positives of the WWE World Heavyweight Belt being kept out off TV and PPV’s. I could say how other guys are getting more exposure, and that RAW has even become more interesting, but instead I’m going to look at Brock’s reign from his kayfabe point of view. The Apter Mags used to do it, so can I.

Brock is a smart champ. He returned to WWE for with his own agenda. Do these idiots think he came back just to beat up Cena for their pleasure? He beat the streak, he’s nearly killed John Cena three times, and he saved the WWE from mediocrity. Brock has never been just a guy on the roster. Steve Austin was so afraid of Lesnar that he took a plane back to Victoria Texas. Austin didn’t return to the WWE until he could be sure he would never have to face Brock. Austin immediately signed with WWE’s RAW brand because he knew that Brock was contractually obligated to stay on WWE’s SmackDown brand. Brock Lesnar has always been a big deal wherever he goes. You don’t tell an athlete of his caliber that he needs to be at every RAW, and that he needs to defend his belt every 30 days. He doesn’t need to be a fighting champ because that’s a waste of time because Brock would cripple every man he faced. WWE would face lawsuits every 30 days from wheelchair bound challengers, and crying widows, and it wouldn’t be Brock’s fault because he was forced into it.

Cena can go out and kill himself every night. Let Cena be the fighting champ. Brock doesn’t need to be that guy. Despite what manipulative clowns like Tommy Dreamer say, wrestlers don’t wrestle for the fan’s appreciation. I mean at first they may, but after 18 months of eating Top Ramen they want the money. You can’t pay your bills with “this is awesome” chants. There’s no rule against being in this BUSINESS for the money. Hogan liked the money, Cena likes the money, it’s just that Brock doesn’t lie about being out for himself. Lesnar doesn’t care if you need your WWE champ to be a hero. Honestly the demands of wrestling fans are out of control. We’re lucky that guys like Brock Lesnar and Goldberg (another brilliant businessman) ever wrestled for us at all. The champ doesn’t need to be on RAW anyway, he has Pauly to be on these useless TV shows for him. The champ’s time is too important. He has a family to take care of. Most of the WWE fans don’t have families and the ones that do, started their families with their own sisters. How dare the fans demand anything of Brock Lesnar.

In closing Brock isn’t doing anything wrong. Every wrestler wants to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and every wrestler will do whatever they need to do to keep that belt. Hell any wrestling fan would do the same. The Authority and the fans knew what would happen. The fans wanted the belt off Cena so bad that they were threatening to riot, and the Authority was desperate to find anyone that could do it. Brock did what we all wanted, and now everyone’s crying like nine-year old girls. Suck it up, IWC because Lesnar is going to be champ for a very long time.

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