Pulse Movies Flashback 12/16/2004: Closer Reviews, Sean Connery Retirement

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Inside Pulse Review – Closer

Many times a duo of films will hit cinemas with a similar feel. For example, 2004 has already produced a couple of films dealing with vampire hunters in Van Helsing and Blade: Trinity.

Earlier in 2004 an uncommonly insightful film about relationships and insecurity, Michel Gondry’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, hit theatres. Gondry’s film, going through the many stages of a relationship with Jim Carrey’s Joel Barrish and Kate Winslet’s Clementine Kruczynski, felt like a new love that’s just starting. It evoked the elusive, exciting feeling you get from new love, which then gracefully shifted into the ease of familiarity. Gondry’s film had a sense of honesty about relationships to it that made it seem real, even though the premise was based in fantasy.

Now in late 2004 comes Mike Nichols’ rebuttal; Closer.

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Various News & Notes

Writer/director Frank Darabont has decided to return to the universe of author Stephen King.

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Various News & Notes

Samuel L. Jackson, known to Star Wars fans as Mace Windu, will begin the New Year by re-shooting scenes for Revenge Of The Sith. The actor, talking to Now Playing Magazine, revealed he was called back in London for January, and talked about what fate awaits his Jedi alter ego.

“Dying! Like all of the rest of the Jedi. I can’t tell you [the specifics], but yeah, it’s an awesome death,” said Jackson. “Well, when [Episode IV] starts, there are only, what, four Jedi left. There’s Luke, Obi-Wan, Yoda and Darth Vader, is it? Everybody else has been assassinated, killed, wiped out, something.”

The trip won’t be wasted for the actor. He told the mag that director George Lucas offered him a keepsake for his troubles.

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Sean Connery is Not Retired

When veteran Scottish actor Sean Connery reportedly stormed out of his last film, Josiah’s Canon, many speculated that the original 007 was retiring from movie life for good.

Not so, according to newspaper Guardian Unlimited. The trade caught up with Connery during the Marrakech Film Festival, where he received a lifetime achievement award from the hands of Laurence Fishburne. His departure, it seems, was mostly due to his commitment towards Harper Collins, for his memoirs. The endeavour proved to be harder than he initially thought, and even painful.

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