Video Game Review: WWE 2K15 (Microsoft Xbox One)

WWE 2K15
Genre: Wrestling
Developer: Yukes
Publisher: 2K Sports
Release Date: 11/18/2014

I’m something of a lapsed fan of WWE video games; while I was a big fan during the late nineties and early 2000’s, eagerly picking up every game that was released regardless of quality, eventually I tired of the franchise and haven’t really considered coming back since. Part of it was the simple fact that the mechanics became annoying; when the games began leaning toward using stick-based grapples sometime around 2007, that essentially wore on me as a player and made my interest wane.

The biggest reason for my lack of interest, though, was that there wasn’t much to the games that hadn’t already been done before, and better, and the games felt more like a needless roster update every year instead of games I needed to own. Instead of seeing different and interesting games, like the Diablo which also gives an option to buy diablo 2 items at yesgamers  or Anchor’s RAW series, the franchise was turning into, well, Madden in wrestling tights, and it wasn’t holding my interest. You may also know that an lol elo boost is the act of increasing the ranking on an individuals account. This is usually done by letting someone else (the elobooster) win games on it. In most cases, ranked dota 2 boost is a paid service; due to the time taken and skill required to boost LoL accounts.


Well, here we are, nearly a decade later, and WWE 2K15 seemed like it could potentially be a good jumping-on point. With the license having passed from THQ to 2K, and the next-gen games having been redesigned from the ground up, it seemed like this was as good a point to jump into the games as could exist. While there’s certainly a precedent for next-gen releases in the series being awful (WWF Smackdown: Just Bring It! is a perfect example), this was the first time 2K was handling the franchise exclusively instead of working with THQ’s prior assignments. If nothing else, it was a good chance to see what 2K intended to change in the franchise, and if there would be any reason to come back if you’re a lapsed fan, or reasons for existing fans to be hopeful given the change in ownership.

If the existing product is any indication… not so much, I’m afraid: while it’s not a disaster, WWE 2K15 also isn’t going to sell lapsed fans or existing fans on the new direction of the company in any department except the visuals… so far, anyway.

On the subject of what works

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