WWE Main Event Report 12/16/2014: Kane vs. Rowan, Paige vs. Emma, Miz TV

WWE Main Event
Tuesday, December 16, 2014
Live on WWE Network
Announcers are Michael Cole & Byron Sexton

The show starts out with Miz’s music and he comes out with Damien Mizdow. They are here for Miz TV and bring out Naomi. She said she doesn’t trust the Miz and he better put up or shut up, essentially. Miz says that he has arranged for her to have a Diva’s Title match on Smackdown later tonight. Miz said he knows her husband has issues and if she needs permission… this brings out Jimmy Uso to no music. Miz and Mizdow leave the ring. Jey comes with in his gear. Jimmy, in plain clothes, gets on the mic and warns Miz to stay away from his wife.

Commercial Break

The New Day vs. Cesaro & Tyson Kidd w/Natalya
New Day will be Kofi and Xavier tonight. Cesaro starts out with Xavier Woods. Back and forth with quick tags. Cesaro tags out to Kidd, and he is immediately in peril as well. Some duck unders and Kofi clears Kidd to the floor over the top rope with a clotheslines. Cesaro goes to check on him and both New Day fly over the top from the ring and land on them on the floor. Back in the ring and Kidd and Cesaro take control as we head to a

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Kidd stomps Kofi in the heel corner and Cesaro assists. Tag to Cesaro and he works over Kofi with a double arm bar. Tag back to Kidd. Lengthy heat sequence here on Kofi. Cesaro back in. Airplane spin on Kofi! Finally a hot tag to Xavier Woods who is a HOUSE AFIRE. He clears out Cesaro but Kidd rolls him up for 2. Xavier rolls HIM up for 2. Another pin attempt and Cesaro breaks it up. Goes for a powerbomb but Xavier rolls it so both go over the top to the floor. Tag back to Kofi and they do the double team spike Midnight move for the pin.
Winners: The New Day

Promo for Smackdown – Roman Reigns kicks off the show! Bray vs Dean tonight!

Commercial Break

Backstage Paige is playing chess with Erick Rowan. Titus O’Neill comes over and is outraged. O’Neill says he has a college degree not like this Swamp Booty. Rowan challenges Titus to chess, and Titus then does a move and asks KING ME. Then he smashes the board and says it’s rigged. Rowan picks up a piece and says Checkmate!

Raw Rebound – clips of Jericho, Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar.

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Backstage Miz and Mizdow are practicing poses, and Naomi comes up to apologize. Miz says she needs to keep her husband under control.

Emma vs. Paige
Emma is looking like a confused baby in the ring as she tries to stick out her pointed arms for her “dance”. It’s like she knows it’s the worst possible gimmick and is doing it as a joke. Emma slaps Paige then Paige kicks her and knocks her down. Paige is in control, pulling Emma’s arms behind her back. Keeps taunting and playing to the crowd. Paige controls. Emma rebounds in the corner and locks in THE TARANTULA. But Paige recovers and gets the PTO for the submission.
Winner: Paige

Commercial Break

Erick Rowan vs. Kane
Titus O’Neill comes down for commentary. Cole and Titus talk chess, brutal. Brawling begins as soon as Kane enters. Then brawling moves to the floor. Rowan in control for the most part. Brawling returns to the ring. Kane counters with a random DDT to take control. Headlock. This is slow. Rowan with a suplex but Kane retakes control. Cover for 2. The bickering with Titus and Cole is irritating. Rowan with a full nelson slam but can’t capitalize. Rowan getting fired up now. Kane pulls Rowan’s beard down from the apron and Rowan’s neck bounces off the top rope, but he basically no-sells and kicks Kane. Sets up for a superplex in the corner. Brawling moves to the outside, then the announce table. The brawling spills a beverage onto Titus, who is upset. He’ll send them the bill for $5200. Brawling back to the ring, Kane chokeslam out of no where for the pin.
Winner: Kane

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